in the middle of the night

I’m awake again.  Why am I awake again?  It’s dark.  It’s very dark.  I can sense that mom and dad are nearby but they aren’t moving.  I hope they are okay.  What if they aren’t?  That.  Would.  Be.  Terrible!

*whimper whimper*

Oh, okay they are stirring, so they are okay.  But, they still aren’t awake.  And I’m still awake.  Why am I awake?  Why aren’t they awake?  Something must be wrong.  Something must be horribly awfully wrong!


Oh, they are okay.  Mom is comforting me now.  And Dad has rolled over completely so he’s okay too.  And they are both awake.  That’s good.  Everything is good.  I feel okay now.  I’m not sure why I’m awake.  I guess I could go back to sleep.  Maybe I’ll just close my eyes again…


Uh oh.  The little hairless kitty is awake again.  How come the two big hairless cats aren’t better at telling when he is awake.  I can tell.  I know my sister can tell too.  I think the big hairless cat that pets us can almost sense when he wakes up, but not like we can.  The big hairless cat that feeds us is pretty much useless.  But, he’s always up first, and he always makes sure we have food and clean water, so I guess he’s not entirely worthless.

Though, if one of them doesn’t wake up soon, the little hairless kitty is going to start screaming.  He has already started squirming and making that weird mewing sound.  He sure doesn’t sound like a cat.  But, then neither do the big cats most of the time.  But, that’s off point.  One of them needs to get up now, or…  Too late.  There he goes.



*licking paws*

*slinking off the bed to disappear into the darkness*

I think I’ll find someplace else to sleep for a bit.  I’ll come back so I can snuggle up with the big hairless cats again after they get the little one settled down and sleeping again.  I wonder where my sister is?  Maybe I should go find her.


This bit of silliness brought to you in part by the Weekly Writing Challenge, my ten month old son, and one of my two cats.  The challenge this week was to “consider things from a different point of view — to walk a mile in someone’s shoes. Leave your moccasins and bunny slippers at the door, and tell us a tale from a fully-immersed perspective that is not your own.”

I opted to tackle the challenge using a combination of two of the suggested prompts: I picked a family member (or two) and went with split perspectives.  I probably went a bit sillier with the whole thing than was being asked for, as I didn’t really dive all that deep into how my characters view the world around them.  But, I did offer a glimpse into how they could see the very specific occasion of my son waking up the house in the middle of the night.  So, hopefully it’s close enough that nobody will call me on it.

What about you?  Did you link up to this week’s writing challenge?  Are you normally adept at seeing things in your life from different perspectives?  Do you think I stayed within the guidelines of the challenge?

101 thoughts on “in the middle of the night

  1. I don’t think you have to dive deep with the cats. You mentioned food, water and sleep. I think that is all for them, actually.

    I love the Prince’s POV too 🙂

    • Hahaha. Yeah, I just felt like it was cheating to pick to POVs that wouldn’t cover all that much ground… the cats and the baby both have such a short list of needs right now.

  2. Eek, we are thinking on the same wavelength. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Will get my finished soon. Great perspectives. Both POV are very realistic and empathic.

  3. I was going to write one from the cats view lol Actually I’ve got two I’m doing but you only stole the cat idea 😉 They’re both excellent (yours, not mine; well they might be but they’re not written yet ..)

    • Hahahaha
      I think a lot of people will end up doing something from a cat’s POV. Apparently cats are popular on the internet. Who knew? 😉
      Glad you liked mine. Can’t wait to read yours.

  4. Hi Matt. I’m still in the process (no, not this minute) of reading your novella in Fauxacoplyse (so I can’t spell) It is so good – ok – what does she mean? The characters are real the dialogue believable and the descriptions excellent. I love the whole book and the entire concept (I’m a friend of Misha’s that’s how I know about the book) I’ve been reading who I should be doing my own writing ok I’ll stop babbling One of the things I love about the whole project is the progressin of the stories. Did you guys get together and decide who would write which time period? I’m going, I’m going

    • Nope, it was basically a free for all and somehow it all worked out. I think in the beginning Misha did help to steer us in the right direction so there were no duplicative stories.. and then Dave Higgins did a great job of ordering in them a way so they all worked together in the finished book. I’m glad you are enjoying my story. That means a lot to me. 😀

    • I thought about adding that as a third option… but, I didn’t want to presume what’s running through The Queen’s head during this late night wakeup calls.

      • Nope, not Brazil this year. I’m not sure who I’m going to pick to win it all yet, but I don’t think it will be Brazil. They aren’t the force they used to be, and the pressure of performing on home soil is going to make them implode. This could be the year for Netherlands. I also think Argentina are going to have a strong showing. Tough to say.
        The US… well. We have talent. We have desire. I think we could go deep into the tournament if it all comes together at the right time.

      • I’ll be honest with you: I don’t actually care one iota about soccer nor the World Cup. I was just engaging in some friendly harassment.

      • You don’t have to aplogize to me. I don’t understand Throwball, er, um, I mean American Football. And I don’t understand Basketball either. Boring, boring, boring.

      • Actually, YOU’LL sleep fine. I, on the other hand, wake when I hear my son sigh, down the hall.

        That’s a mom thing. Trust me. We’re all light sleepers after we give birth. True story.

        I will never sleep again. Who cares? I watched 2 Percy Jackson movies with Little Dude over the weekend. Who needs sleep, when such excitement abounds.

        Btw, he FLIPPED over the Kegger Cartoon Post! He feels DC is a shoo-in now!!

      • WHAT?? WHAT???

        Oh, snap!
        Are you really adding stuff up? Like for real?
        I thought it was just going to be a tie.
        I’m so naive

      • Hahaha, really adding stuff up, yes. We have to have a winner… that’s kind of the point. We don’t do the whole “everybody is a winner thing” here in the Kingdom. Well, everyone is a winner because everyone is awesome, but only one team goes home with the trophy! 😉

  5. You’ve got an extremely impressisve blog here. So, what happened to Jake? I finished the story. In your mind what happened? I could never have written such an optimistic piece. I don’t roll that way.

    • Ah, Jake. I’m actually considering writing a follow-up piece for the Fauxpocalypse blog: so I don’t want to give away any spoilers on that.
      I guess, though, I’m torn. I want him to have survived, but knowing the type of man he was, there is nothing that would have kept him from his wife and daughter for that long.

      • didn’t know about the blog, couldn’t comment on the blog and can’t subscribe to the blog. This is no way to run the end of the world 😀

  6. Awww, the Little Prince is an angel. I love how full both his and the kitty’s lives are in this tale– it speaks muchly of the happiness and balance in your home. Thanks again for participating in the challenge this week! 😀

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