Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom Chapter 16

Nothing says silly and nonsense like another chapter in the continuing saga of Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom. In this segment I can promise you movie references, yes plural, hilarity and hi-jinx galore. Click on over. The power of the Kingdom compels you. What? That’s a thing… Isn’t it?

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Because of the suddenness of the Jester’s attack, the man in shiny bone armor didn’t have enough time to aim the shot from his wand. Even so, the bolt struck Matticus. It was not enough to slow his momentum and he bowled into his target. After the collision, the man got to his feet. Matticus did not.

He looked around for Revis, but didn’t see him anywhere. With a shout of anger, the Knight struck him hard from behind with his daggers. The man crumpled to the ground. Revis kicked the man’s wand into the corner and tied his hands together behind his back.

Turning Matticus over, he saw that the bolt had struck him in the stomach. It was on the right side of his torso, so Revis hoped that meant it had missed all of the important parts inside of him. The Knight pulled a vial out of his pack…

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