The Return of the Official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War

Disclaimer – this is going to be a week of nonsense here in the kingdom.  It seemed like the blogosphere could used some silliness, and since that is what we are all about here, that is what we are going to provide.  Everything this week will be designed to uplift, make you laugh, etc…  If you aren’t okay with that, too bad, that’s what you are going to get anyway.  Now, on with the show…


The rules (because all games must have rules, except Calvinball, of course):
1) Read the prompt.  (I know what you are thinking, “Reading, bleh, who wants to do that.  But if you don’t read the prompt then you won’t be able to fully play along.”
2) Choose a side.  (You have to pick a side in tug-of-war, that’s kind of important.)
3) Write a post that supports your decision. (We don’t need an essay, and we don’t give bonus points for brevity either.  However, we will be your friend if you do something creative.)  (Kim also says you can just leave your answer as a comment and since she is awesome we are going to allow that.)
4) Link back to this post so the moderator can count your support correctly. (Unless you leave your answer in the comments, then you don’t need to link back, because, well that might create an infinite loop that could explode the internet.)
5) There is no fifth rule – just seemed like there needed to be another one – oh, wait, I know:  The fifth rule of Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War is “You do talk about it.”  To anyone and everyone.  That’d be great.

The winning side will be the one that gets the most support, and their reward will be the knowledge that they chose wisely and eternal fame across the kingdom.

Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Many thanks to Kim and Rara for helping come up with and formulate this idea.  They are amazing.  Go forth and check out their pages.  That’s not an order, per se, but it is an official edict.  (Yes, there is a difference.)


For the return of the world famous* game, we have chosen the prompt:  Which universe of superheroes (and villains) is superior: Marvel or DC?

*”World famous” may or may not be an accurate description.  We aren’t going to discount it as a possibility though.

The Matticus Kingdom is throwing our support behind Marvel.  Mostly that is because we are partial to The Punisher and Spiderman.  But, we can’t discount the overall popularity of the Marvel movies: X-Men, Spiderman, Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, etc…  They have dominated the box office and those billions of dollars cannot be ignored.  Plus, if we didn’t pick Marvel, we are pretty sure that The Punisher would hunt us down and we really want to avoid that.

You want to play, right?

  • Choose a side
  • Make a post and link it back to this one
  • Or leave a convincing argument in the comments

(Rara, in her infinite wisdom has decreed there should be an offical timeframe related to when the winner will be announced…. yeah, she’s a smarty like that.)

The ruling powers here in the Kingdom have decided that participants have until Friday (1/24/2014) one week (five-ish days) to throw their support behind one of the two answers.

Our official counter (yeah, we have a guy for that) will add them up and then one of our minions will post the results at some point next weekend, or the following Monday: bestowing glory upon the winners.

And, we’ll all live in a better world for finally having solved once and for all which is the better comic universe.

229 thoughts on “The Return of the Official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War

  1. I love y’all. Really, I do.

    Now, I have to pick a side based on villains AND heroes? Like come up with a definitive answer to which is best, once and for all? Just want to be sure you didn’t mean OR instead of AND.

    • And. Definitely and. Your choice of Marvel or DC should take into account their heroes and villians. We understand that our reason for picking Marvel did not include an argument about the villains, but since The Punichser can be see as an anti-hero (of sorts) we decided it was close enough. Plus, as we mentioned, he scares us… and it is our game so we can do as we please. 😛

      • You’re already made your choice, haven’t you? Now you are just toying with us…
        Well played. Well played, indeed, but we are keeping our eyes on you.

  2. While I don’t know anything about either of these, cause..the Fudd… DC just seemed to need some support, it doesn’t seem to have a real name, just letters so I thought it was a bit sad and needed cheering up…Is this answer okay? Does it qualify as a post?

  3. I am going to have to overthink this a little, cause that’s what I do! That is my super power!! Shhh, don’t tell anyone.
    Great idea Matt, and let the silliness begin!!

    • Hey Forty!
      Not sure how I missed this… did you have a decision? Did you want to throw your support behind one of the two teams? I’m doing the final tally right now.

      • Oh boy, I did want to do this but ran out of time this week… back at school! Just between you and me though, I would say DC. I think the villains are better, and let’s face it, without the villains the superheros are just a bunch of guys with muscle in skin tight suits.
        You know what else I just found out? One small misspelling of superheros and you get superhores! Oooopsy!

      • DC support noted. And, I have to say, I probably would have given them some extra points for that misspelling call out… that might have been enough to tip the game in DC’s favor… 😛

  4. Which group of superheroes and villains is better? Marvel, of course. I have a number of good reasons for this. First of all, their back stories are realistic. There are very few heroes who are rich playboys in Marvel. Take Spiderman. He wasn’t rich. When he started out, he was a college student. Second, they have normal problems along with the supervillain problems. Again, Spiderman was one of these. He’s had more trouble than one guy ever deserved in my opinion. In the X-Men you had the love triangle between Wolverine, Cyclops, and Phoenix. The Sandman, in the movie, had a sick daughter he was trying to help. Third, they don’t nerf the backstory if the title isn’t selling. Again, with Spiderman, Peter and MaryJane were married for a while, until some writer decided they should be divorced. Divorced! That means that they still got to have been married at one time in their lives. With Superman, they simply rewrote his backstory so that he and Lois never got together. There’s also that farce with Wonderwoman and the Amazons with which I am not at all happy.
    So, Matt, is my argument good enough? Can I play?

    • Actually the editors decided that Peter and Mary Jane shouldn’t get divorced because that would set a bad example for the kids. Instead, they made a deal with the devil that undid their marriage. Because that was obviously a much better thing for children to emulate

      • Matt, now this might seem boring to some, but I want to tag team with Cimmorene, because, after all, she is my wife.

        See, I wasn’t much of a comic book reader, but I had friends that kept me in the loop. I should note that one of them, he just likes to follow wherever the best writing is. Then I met Cimmy, and… geek jackpot! She schooled me good. And then exciting movies came out! We’re old enough to remember how BAD the Spider-Man TV show was, so when we saw the teaser trailer for Spiderman (the one with the Twin Towers that was pulled), we stood up and whooped and hollered right there in the theater. We went to more Marvel studio movies, and so often she’d say, “That’s not how it was in the comic book,” then she’d explain, and then we’d still enjoy the movie.

        Make Mine Marvel– as the saying goes! Let me tag team with Cimmy– we will LAY THE SMACKDOWN!

      • Marvel support duly noted, and your reasoning seems perfectly sound to me. Supporting the ones we love is equally as important as any of the other reasons to choose a side in this battle. Besides, you picked Marvel so you are on my team too. It is the best one, really. 😉

      • Oh, I have my own love for Marvel, but I am glad that Cimmy had graphic novels of the origin stories of several Marvel superheroes. My reasons are well-researched on my own time 🙂

        Go Team Marvel!

  5. Look man, I am trying to leave my inner comic book geek behind me forever, because he’s all pimply and unpopular, and frankly, he smells bad. But now you’ve got me angry. Marvel vs DC indeed. The only question in the world that doesn’t need to be asked, cause everyone knows the answer!

    • What? Everyone knows the answer? We here in the kingdom are pretty sure we should fall into that “everyone” category… but, we don’t know the answer? And, besides, it’s “cool” to like comics now. Hadn’t you heard?

      • It’s cool to like comics again???? Really? Well, time to strap on the cloak and make ready to lay about me with my broadsword…

        If I weren’t so lazy, I would answer your challenge, Mr. Matticus. And at that, I still may. The One Answer must be shared.

  6. Having played last time I can vouch for this being a lot of fun, even if my superior logic and argument was defeated by popular opinion. Lots of people saying something DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE!! But yes, it’s serious fun. I’m in! Give me time to formulate a strategy.

  7. Well, this is my first time playing tug a war. Hmm, I haven’t read a comic in years and years! I will have to go forth and put knowledge in my brain! Ugh, Ok, ok. I can do this. You know why? Because it IS time for silly! I will do a post of some sort, some time this week at some point. haha!

  8. ooooooooooooh. New to your blog and new to Tug of War! I’m hoping I can find some time to take part this week, as being the mother of a five year old boy clearly makes me an expert on this subject 🙂

  9. Wow, that’s a tough one. DC has the ultimate super hero in Superman and also Wonder Woman who was once played by Linda Carter which is all it takes to sway my vote that way, but Marvel has the What If comics which I should feel the need to honor with my vote. This may take some thinking.

    • Thinking? Thinking? This is no time for thinking. This is time for action. And silliness. And silly actions. Like supporting Marvel because The Punisher might hunt us down. Or supporting DC because it’s sad that they only have letters for a name, or supporting Marvel because Robert Downey Jr is hot as Iron Man, or supporting DC because, well, they have Superman… it’s right there in the name Super.. Superior… See?! No thinking required!
      Oh yeah, and GO TEAM MARVEl!

  10. Awesome concept, and the prompt happens to be right up my alley. When it all comes down to it, I give the edge to DC. Characters like Batman and the Joker, or Flash and his Rogue gallery, are just tough to beat. I prefer to the darker edge, and read more graphic novels coming from DC than I do Marvel. Movies may range from awesome to awful on both sides, but DC mangles Marvel when it comes to television. Arrow shoots a single arrow into the heart of Agents of Shield, no challenge whatsoever.

    Love both, love superheroes, as obvious from my blog title and theme, but my vote here has to go to DC.

  11. Okay, I don’t know DC from Marvel. I was a LOTR kinda gal back in the day. That being said, I am clearly on the side of Heath Ledger’s Joker, whichever one that is. I mean Heath Ledger . . . Whatever doesn’t kill makes you . . . Stranger. Nuff said.

    • Your support for DC has been duly noted. Heath Ledger’s performance as Joker is only rivaled by Mark Hammil’s voice acting as the same villain. Both brilliant. And both worthy of casting your support behind team DC. Thanks for playing!

      • There are some arguments that because these are comics, because they are a break from reality, that some campiness is not just warranted, but needed. Because we go to the movies for the same reason we dive into comics, we want a break from the terrible things going on in real life. Now that the movies are becoming more and more realistic, they are actually taking something away from the genre. Thoughts?

      • I am no expert in comics, but I can give my perspective. I think comics deal with very real and sometimes scary situations. Dick Tracy comes to mind – the violence of gangland mobs. The bad guys were drawn as to be grotesquely absurd which made them a little more palatable. But the underlying fears and issues were still very much a part of the stories. The same for Superman, Batman, and X-men. The comics were addressing the issues of the day – war, class-based strife, and every single phobia out there – but did it in a way that children and adults could relate. I think we might be a little more sophisticated (or maybe just jaded) so the campiness has been lost. But then when has a bad guy really been campy in real life?

      • True, the bad guys are hardly ever campy in real life. But, that was the point. Comics aren’t supposed to be real, they are supposed to be an escape… so, should we expect the campiness in them? Do we want it? Do we need it need?

      • I don’t think comics are simply an escape – I think that they were also a way to inform and to make sense of some bad situations. Life is scary. Comics shine a light in the closet and under the bed and reveal that the monsters can be dealt with. Sometimes the monsters win a battle, but if we are true to ourselves then in the end we can win the war. To the reader today, the comics of yesteryear are very campy, but maybe they weren’t to the reader back then. In fifty years will that future reader think the stuff today is campy?

      • I hope not. Because that would be a scary world…
        Excellent argument/points about comics shining a light into the darkness. I think we can all cheer to that. Hurrah!

  12. Definitely Marvel, starting with because Robert Downey Jr. is hot as Iron Man – but you’re not supposed to say that, I am – or think it. Can that be my entire argument? Or do I have to come out with more? Cause I’ll break out a can of whoop ass in the form of Little Dude – he KNOWS stuff, this kind of stuff.
    So, Boo-yah! TEAM MARVEL! I’ll get my post post haste – to victory!!

    • Yes, that can be your whole argument. Why not. I like it. It, not him, or something like that. But, if you want to expound about that to further bolster your Marvel support, that’s awesome too.

      • Wait, you didn’t read my latest comment.

        Big family drama.

        Little Dude votes the other way.

        Wants to guest blog for DC. Your call, King.

      • For REAL???

        Oh. My. God.

        Little Dude is going to be stoked!!

        He already has his DC arguments lined up. Please don’t hold it against him. He thinks you’re the King of Cool.

      • Maybe I am the King of Cool? Why not. It should be someone, might as well be me. 😛
        And, yes, for real. Why not. The Kingdom is always open for guest blogs, and one written for a passionate (and completely silly) reason of a tug-of-war game is exactly what we need this week. Bring it on Little Due.

  13. I will formulate my official response later today, when hopefully I can borrow a laptop. (Because it will be easier to post on that than on my Slate. I’ll be able to include photographic evidence to support my theory.)

  14. I’m new to your blog too, but this does sound fun! Although I’ll have to do some research myself because I never can remember which ones are DC or Marvel. Your anticipated *sigh* at that statement is duly noted. 🙂

    • No sigh here. There are a lot of characters between the two universes. Plus, the whole scene gets muddied with the recent rise of graphic novels being made into movies and those characters not really belonging to either world. Plus, oh my, the similarities, especially between the Avengers and the JLA… boy scout, anti-hero, guy who shoots arrows, the spy, etc…
      Happy researching. I look forward to seeing which side of the rope your support ends up on.

  15. I’ll play along and I’ll do it in comments as you said that was OK.

    I’ll go with Marvel… Why

    Bare in mind I am not massive superhero person in terms of character knowledge, but apart from the fact that the movies are much much better than anything DC related (ok except Captain America) the characters are just more in your face, more well-known and of course have much cooler names than their DC counterparts.

    Taking an excerpt out of the A-Team as an example

    In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Avengers


    In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Justice League

    Justice League… It just doesn’t sound that good does it? Whereas Avengers… They are going to kick some arse. We also associate the film actors with the role and who wouldn’t want Robert Downey Jr on your side. Where as the only decent DC Characters are Superman and Batman.

    • I see a lot of Green Arrow fans cringing. Also, Green Lantern, Flash, and a whole slew of other die-hard DC fans slighted that you factor in their favorites. But, I’m not complaining because you picked Marvel. And that was the right side to choose!
      Go Team Marvel!

  16. BIG problem – Little Dude is FREAKED – he is Team DC, all the way. I had no idea. I’ve already declared myself Team Marvel. We have a family crisis on our hands, an epic one.

    He would like to guest blog, and put a vote in on my blog for Team DC. It’s up to you, King Matticus. The fate of our family lies in your hands…

    no pressure or anything…

    • You are two voices… your support can go for team Marvel, and his support can go for team DC. Why not? A little family rivalry is always a good thing. Plus, in the end, you’ll be able to say your family was on the winning side. 😉

      If he wants to do a guest blog on the kingdom, I’d be okay with that too.

      • Rara!! Little Dude is SO psyched to be on your team He adores you!!

        (psst – if you should happen to get the creative urge to make a “magic the gathering” card, I’d much rather have one for him – than for me. He’d FREAK!

        If you need any deets about him, let me know.

  17. No contest here. Marvel. No right thinking person could be of any different opinion. By the wya, by Right thinking I’m using the phrase the way that politicians do, to mean people who agree with me.
    Marvel 1, DC didn’t. Simple as that.
    Rara, I expect you to disagree with me on principle.

  18. I completely lack the background knowledge to argue my opinion, but that’s never stopped anyone on the internet before!
    I’m going to pick DC for one reason: Wonder Woman. I’ll always remember her from the TV series and “Superfriends.” Among all the male superheroes, Wonder Woman taught us that girls can kick ass, too. Sure, there are females among the X-Men and Avengers, but they just don’t get top billing like Wonder Woman does.
    And that’s as close to a feminist rant that you’ll get from me today. And probably tomorrow.

    • DC support noted.
      And your reasoning makes sense to us here. Wonder Woman was/is a shining example of a female taking top billing and getting the job done. I’m not as up-to-date on her history/mythology as I should be so i can’t wax philosophical about how she was one of the original female leads in an action comic… I could just be making that up. But, it sounds good so I’m going to go with it.

  19. This will be tough for me since I haven’t read a comic book since Archie was popular over 40 years ago, but I will give it a valiant effort! Dang, I just dated myself again!

    • We love valiant efforts here. We also love “phoning it in” too. And the “ol’ college try” and “winging it,” and… well, we are just happy if you play at all.

  20. Marvel. Because The X-Men (especially Wolverine), and The Avengers, Thor and Loki (I know I already covered them by mentioning The Avengers, but they bare mentioning again specifically. Especially since Loki is a villian. And they’re gods. Loki might be a “puny god”, but a god none the less. 😛 ), and Iron Man (again I know I covered him already, just go with it. 😛 ), and Spiderman.
    So, yes, count me as Team Marvel. 🙂

    • Pingback worked, DC support noted, tallied, scoffed at, applauded, and extra points for a certain call out to rename nameless because yuck. So if anyone else is reading this you’ll just have to click over to see what she came up with.

    • DC support noted, counted, tallied, recorded, so on and so forth. And holy crap. If anyone else bothers to read the comments you absolutely must click on over to see the awesomeness of this post. It is amazing. It is a marvel to behold. (heh heh heh, did you see what I did there, a marvel, I rock. Plus, Go Team Marvel!)

  21. […] Alright, so the truth is, I like ‘em both– but I really needed a good geek out, so– TEAM DC!  I suppose we’ll let the Kingdom’s official counters have the final say.  If you’re with me, or even if you’re with Marvel– grab your Lantern ring and cast your vote by writing a supportive post, or by voting via comment over at The Matticus Kingdom:… […]

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