time in the hole

He paced his cell to burn the surge of energy coursing through his body.  He was agitated and antsy and knew he would go mad if he didn’t do something to channel all that energy.  So, back and forth he went.

He didn’t mind the darkness, he’d spent time in solitary confinement before and his eyes quickly adapted to the absence of light.  He didn’t mind the solitude either.  People, on the whole, tended to irritate him.  That’s how he had ended up in his cell in the first place.

But, the walls, the cage, the bars, he minded a great deal.  He suffered from claustrophobia and the feeling of being trapped weighed heavily upon him.  It got his adrenaline pumping.  It got his blood surging.  Hence, the pacing.

After what had seemed like weeks, days spent doing nothing but walking, not sleeping, not resting, just moving around his cell to unleash his energy, his jailor came to check on him.  The door cracked open and a sliver of light poured into his cell, casting a shadow on the floor to match the silhouette at the cage’s opening.

“Honey, it’s been 30 minutes.  Have you calmed down?  Have you thought about what you did wrong?”

He stuck his tongue out at her.  He knew that would mean more time in the hole, but he couldn’t help it.  No, he hadn’t calmed down.  No, he hadn’t thought about what he had done wrong.  And, no, he wasn’t ready to do either of those things.l

The jailor shook her head and sighed as she shut the door to his room, leaving him alone in the darkness once again.  His time in solitary would be extended by at least another 30 minutes.  Hard time, and easy time.  The pacing would continue and so would his fight against the creeping madness.

In the end he would be released, but before he had apologized for pulling his sister’s hair and promised to behave, he would once again relish her scream of pain.  He smiled in the darkness.  His little feet carried him in circles around his room.


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37 thoughts on “time in the hole

  1. I had Solitary Confinement as a child for doing something mean to a nephew. It was bliss until my Mom figured out the “solitary” was a reward not a punishment. Then I had to “play nice” with him the rest of the day. That was punishment! Very good story and portrayal of the acceptance of consequences for actions.

  2. I give my kids time out in their rooms. One minute for every year they are old. I swore the other day and my kids said I had to do time out. I got 34 blissful minutes in my room all by myself. I think I need to swear more often!

    • Excellent point!
      I think that was one of the reasons I never really minded being sent to my room when I was younger. Sure, I couldn’t play with any of my toys, or read any of my books, but I could sit there and build worlds spinning around me.

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