reflections on the day

I stepped into the moonless and sunless morning, the stars my only company.  The lights from the city, a constant glow on the horizon, obscured the shimmering heavens and left me to venture forth in darkness that barely softened at the edge of my sight.  I trusted my footing though and strode forward confidently.  It was a walk I had taken many times before.  Why would it be any different on the last day of the year?

I stepped into the cold morning, an icy breeze rolling off the ocean my only company.  It pricked at my skin and chilled my scalp as it passed through me.  We were two adventurers headed in opposite directions.  I picked up my pace to reach the comfort of my truck and the cold gusted against me, reminding me that hurrying isn’t always the right answer.  Perhaps that is an important lesson to remember as another year draws to a close?

I stepped into my truck and settled in for the long ride to work on dark streets and deserted freeways, jealous and jubilant at the same time.  I wished I could be home, wrapped in the warmth and comforts of my bed, dreaming of the lazy day ahead.  I was happy to have nothing but the darkness to share the road with.  No distracted drivers, no glaring headlights in my rear view mirror, and no mad scramble of cars scurrying to their predawn destinations.  Was it worth it, then, to be up and out on the final day of the year just for that?

I stepped into work, alone except for the glowing monitors, another constant of my world, and marveled at the cacophony of silence reigning supreme.  Soon enough the quiet would be shattered as the few workers who shared my fate straggled into their desks and began the flurry of clicking and yammering that marked their roles, but for those first few minutes the silence and I enjoyed having the place to ourselves.  Why not spend a few minutes in silent reverie, reflecting on the year that was, and the year that could be, the year that will be?


Wherever you are, I hope you have a few minutes of peaceful reflection today to marvel at all that was accomplished last year, and to ponder all that might be accomplished in the coming year.

6 thoughts on “reflections on the day

  1. “cacophony of silence” . . . I love it. And I know that sound. I always seemed to find pleasure in the quietude of the workplace very early in the morning. So much potential in those precious moments before the insanity drops in. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

    • It would make the drive that much less terrible. The miles would still be bad, the time in the car would still be bad, but the experience would almost be pleasant.

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