funny drivers everywhere

We needed an attitude adjustment.

That was our realization after starting to call every other driver on the road an idiot, a moron, a fool, an imbecile…  And we really did make a go of it.  The solution seemed simple enough.  Instead of calling them names, we would simple choose to see the funny in it all.

Like the people who park their cars in our complex so they take up multiple spaces.  Isn’t that funny of them?

And the people who jaywalk, wearing black, on a dark street, long after the sun has gone down.  Hilarious!

And, of course, the drivers who decide they like the lane we’re in, so they veer over without checking to see if anyone else is already occupying that space.  That’s a knee-slapping good time.

I know I’ve mentioned these people before, the ones who don’t walk the extra 10 steps to return their carts after shopping, but since I’m changing my attitude about them I think they bear mentioning again.  They piss me right off.  Sorry, nothing funny about that one.  I guess the attitude adjustment didn’t work.

So, we’re back to calling them all idiots… because sometimes it’s okay to call something, or someone, exactly what it is.  Right?

Let’s discuss.  What do you think?


67 thoughts on “funny drivers everywhere

  1. “And, of course, the drivers who decide they like the lane we’re in, so they veer over without checking to see if anyone else is already occupying that space. That’s a knee-slapping good time.”

    I almost died this morning when someone did this. Idiot.

  2. It is indeed right, an idiot is an idiot no matter which way you slice it. the cut up, the person that stops dead in the middle of a busy pavement, the person that takes two bays. the ars**ole that texts on his phone while driving, all idiots, they need to be pointed at and called out.

  3. Driving is, for whatever reason, the one thing in the world that infuriates me. I’ve tried and tried to be calm, but I simply can’t. I’d be pretty embarrassed I think to watch video of myself driving.

    • I just took traffic school, and that was one of the things they talked about in the road rage/aggressive driving section: If you watched a video of yourself driving would you be embarrassed. Yes, yes I would. Until I got back on the road and the next idiot reminded me why I was cursing and gesturing.

  4. The one that always makes me almost per myself is the DB who ekes out a peep-hole and neglects to brush headlights off after a snow, and doesn’t turn said lights on. Let’s give this road hazard some kind of award (whew, venting is good).

  5. I’ve had to watch what I call other drivers with my daughter in the car. This is good, because she’s taken to mimicking my frustrated or annoyed cry of, “Come on, dude!”

    • Hah! Yes, soon I’ll have to be more mindful of what I say and do in the car too, or the Little Prince will have some pretty interesting gestures to show off to everyone he meets.

  6. When a pedestrian is being a moron, we start having a debate of how many points he’s worth. Same with idiot drivers.
    Much better than getting annoyed, no?
    Hope you don’t get any more entertainment of this sort:-)

  7. ha, i must give myself
    an attitude adjustment, funny, ok i’ll see how that goes. I am not a great driver, but i like to be courteous and when my kids became driving age I was suddenly aware of all the awful things i was saying while driving…another adjustment was necessary then. if they were to have copied their mother they would still be without drivers licenses 😀 as it is one of them still doesn’t own a car, i may have scared him for life! or he just lives somewhere with good public transportation 😀

    • Good public transportation? In California? That’s a myth. It’s probably just because he is either a perpetual student and doesn’t need a car, or he lives close enough to work he can ride his bike…

  8. Ah…you know, there are time when I’m driving and I come across morons like these I scream in my head….and cuss…big time. Even though I’m supposed to be learning about love and compassion and all that, seriously….I mean even Jesus got pissed off at the merchants in the there!
    However, there is another part of me which tells me that maybe that is what I expect from others..when I’m driving I’m looking out for idiots…and those double idiots who park along side double lanes making it single freaking lanes and I’m terrified I’ll knock into them! Ugh! So, sometimes I imagine myself in a beautiful bubble of protective light…and you know, when it doesn’t waver ..much…I actually have a smoother drive!

    But still…even then I sometimes want to take something sharp and scratch those damned parked cars!

  9. Unfortunately, Little Dude has heard any bad language he’s knows from me while driving. I just can’t help it. It’s like turrets. And the stuff I say- I don’t even know where it comes from. It’s bad enough when it was “asshole” or “mother fucker.” Sunday was “Eskimo whore” and I don’t even know where that CAME from. And one day it was “dirty Choda.”

    My New Year’s resolution -no swearing while driving.

  10. Ha– if I have a motto in life it is “laugh, so you don’t cry.” It’s the only thing that gets me through. I think if you just brand all “types” of idiots it also helps. Like, for me… all slow drivers are “Indie 500.” Then I can just yell “HEY INDIE 500, PICK UP THE PACE!” and there’s less hatred and profanity and more chuckling on the inside.

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