Chapter ________

So, for nearly the past year when you came to this space at this time on Thursdays, you found the the next installment in my western.  It started as a comedy and finished as a …  love story? redemption story? drama? with hints of action here and there?  I don’t really know how to define it.

Anyway, I had planned on starting a new story to share with you and fill this space and time, but, as is often the case, life has changed, and instead of starting a new chapter in a novel, I’m starting a new chapter in my life.  Unfortunately, that means I’ll have less time for blogging.  Had you already noticed?

Had you wondered why there had only been one post per day so far this week?  Had you wondered why I hadn’t stopped by your site as frequently as normal?

Now you know.

The Kingdom won’t be going dark.  The Jester will still be around, popping in to say hello, juggling, tumbling, um, jestering, and The Queen, for those of you following her, will still be unravling her twisted yarns.  And, The Little Prince will continue to rule us all.  I just won’t have as much time to respond to prompts and challenges and tell the tales of magic and treachery, love and silliness that I’ve had so much fun sharing over the last year.

I’ll schedule posts ahead of time as I can.  I’ll flash you with fiction when I grab a few moments here and there.  I’ll read up on your posts as often as possible.  I’ll do my best.

This is not me saying goodbye…

And, definitely not saying, “I’ll be right back.”  We all know what happens after that.

No, I’m just saying things will be slowing down, but I’ll still be here and there and everywhere, just like normal.


36 thoughts on “Chapter ________


    Just kidding! I hope the life change is a good one. I guess I can deal with a little less Matticus in my life. I don’t have to like it though!! 🙂

    • I don’t like it either!!
      But, yes, the change is good. And, maybe I can get into a different routine… just shift when I’m online a bit. We’ll just have to see how the coming days play out.

  2. The Queen is on here, too? Why was I not aware of this?? Also, I completely understand your need to scale back. Hell, I left my blog for three months after Baby C was born. As long as you pop in every once in a while to read my stuph we’re cool. 😉

  3. Aww…I’m going to miss your silly posts which tend to be awesome writing…and all that stuff!
    Whatever the change may be may it always bring you abundance and joy wrapped with lots of love!

  4. i’ll miss seeing you here often, and of course you know how i loved the series, but happy for your positive life change and look forward to seeing you around once in awhile, beth

    • Thank you. Yes, hopefully I’ll be able to post something a couple times a week. I just have to wait and see what I end up having time for. I’m actually sadder about falling behind on what everyone else is writing than I am about not being able to post as often.

  5. I hope all the changes are awesome! 🙂 I’ll probably still send you the big long email with things, but I’ll do it knowing that it’s likely you might say “No way!” to everything, ha! 🙂 Sending you & yours happy thoughts!

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