lost. aren’t we all?

 photo snow_zps3fe0b9f6.jpgCredit: Gertie
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“Stop, stop.  Just stop.  There, roll down your window and ask that couple for directions!”

Henry reluctantly obeyed, their rental car shuddering to halt in the snow and ice.  “Fine, Martha,” he responded, exasperated, even as he rolled down the window and let in a wall of cold air.  He instinctively closed his eyes to keep them from freezing as he hailed the couple.

“Excuse me?  Can you help us?”

The couple approached the car and Henry forced his eyes open.  The cold had seeped enough through the edges that the shock was lessened, but he could still feel his pupils constrict.

“We’re trying to find the Cathedral of Cognitive Reflection?”

The couple squinted into the car, searching both Henry and Martha’s faces, before scrunching up their faces and shrugging their shoulders.

“We’re trying to find,” started Henry again, a bit louder than the first time, but the gentleman raised a hand to cut him off, and then motioned to to his mouth and his shook his head.  Henry smiled and nodded and then rolled up his window with a little wave.

“Well, that’s just great.  Who’s idea was it to go traipsing about in a country where we don’t know the language and nobody knows ours?”

“Don’t start.  You were just as excited about this trip as I was.”

“Well, now what do we do?”

“Just keep driving, we’ll find it eventually, but do look out for all those bicyclers.  My goodness, out in the snow and everything.  I can’t imagine that’s very safe.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be exposed like that, especially in this weather, and …”

Henry let his wife’s incessant chatter fade into the background as he check his mirrors and blind spot before merging back onto the road.  Harumph, he thought, here we are trying to find this temple of thoughts and ideas, and we haven’t the slightest idea of where it is, or where we are.  We’re lost in pursuit of becoming found.


This bit of silliness (or is it less silly than normal, perhaps a bit ponderous, a bit on the stop and make you think side) brought to you in response to this week’s picture writing challenge provided by moi.

What do you see?

Write it, link it, post it.


18 thoughts on “lost. aren’t we all?

  1. I so admire you fiction bloggers. Real imagination.
    “We’re lost in pursuit of becoming found.”
    That’s my favorite line in a blog, ever.
    Although “dirty choda” is a close second. I was thinking – for our troll hunting posse – we should wear tee shirts that say “Dirty Choda.” just a thought.

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