keep your darkest secrets hidden

The mage used a dazzle spell to obscure the unfolding scene in his scrying basin.  While his unexpected guests were welcome in his home, they were too myopic to appreciate his nefarious endeavors.


Word Count: 33

But, I want to write more than 33 words for this one!!!  And, to be fair, only 30 of the words are mine, the rest were provided by this week’s Trifextra:

This weekend we’re asking you to add thirty of your own words to the following three words for a total of thirty-three. Good luck!




32 thoughts on “keep your darkest secrets hidden

  1. Okay, I consider myself a pretty smart chick. But I have no idea what “scrying” is. Is that “sad crying?” And what is a “mage?” Do you have a thesaurus when you write?

    The effect transcends the sum of its parts; like Shakespeare. (not that I’m comparing you). But even without knowing each word, I get it.

    • A mage – in the traditional sense is a wise person. However, in this context, and in some modern fantasy novels, a mage is often a variation of magician or wizard.
      Scrying is also from those newer fantasy books and involves using a surface (a mirror or pool of water) as a portal to see something else: another world, dimension, the room down the hall, etc… You can view only, there is no two-way interaction.

      • School me, please. What literature? Please don’t tell me Harry Potter.

        My son is obsessed with the Percy Jackson series. Not really wizardry; more the Greek mythology demi god stuff. Now he’s onto the next Riordan series. Are those considered modern fantasy novels?

      • Hmm, perhaps “modern” wasn’t quite the right word. I should have said “the series of fantasy novels I grew up with.”
        Mainly – Anything written by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. I started with Dragons of Autumn Twilight and branched out from there. I think there are 28 or so novels based on the characters first introduced in that book (though several of books end up being prequels that were released later – I’d still recommend starting with Dragons of Autumn Twilight).

        I haven’t read any of the Percy Jackson or Riordan stuff, though I have heard mostly good things.

  2. Okay, here’s one for you.

    Stacy stumbled out of the tent sans her glasses. Her myopic vision further hindered by the dazzle of the morning sun. She tripped and fell over the ledge into the lake basin below.

  3. You always entertain the D&D geek in me, DJ. Now I’m curious about the mage’s “nefarious endeavors.” Methinks the guests are in for a rough time. If only Elminster were there 😉 I enjoyed the Percy Jackson novels, but just couldn’t get into his series focused on the Egyptian pantheon. Great work!

  4. Oooo, you’re singing my song. 🙂 I have to say that scrying was the first thing I thought of when I read “basin.” 🙂 And hey – just because the challenge is only 33 words doesn’t mean you have to stop there. If you want to write more, write more!!

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