quest or madness

California Sunset, Ventura County

The heavenly orb, hot from the day’s work, settled into the ocean for a well deserved break.  The steam spread across the edge of the world, obscuring the last moments of light and offering a brief transition into night.  The dark earth reached upwards, clawing for position, spreading over the fading blues.

The ground I stood on had already blackened and I stepped forward without hesitation.  I could never reach the sun, it was always beyond my grasp, but I chased it nonetheless.  Some days I gained on it and somedays it eluded me entirely.  That didn’t matter, of course, because it was the chase, and the chase alone, that captivated me.

Soon enough I was shrouded in night.   My eyes adjusted quickly and my foot falls never faltered.  Was it destiny or fate?  Was it madness that urged me ever onward, ever forward?  No.  It was the seduction of the light.  I wanted to taste it on my skin.  I wanted to dive into its rays.

I smiled as I marched toward the edge of the world.  It would be a good night.  I was gaining on it again.


25 thoughts on “quest or madness

    • Hah!
      I’ve read you… you already write like that. And, some would argue you write better than that because you tackle things of true importance rather than bits of silliness.

  1. What samara said! It is great story material…but also it brought to mind that we are always searching for that sun…aren’t we? On the outside…walking, running, stumbling…getting up and going, going …going for that sun…but we’re doing it’s within us. We don’t need to be looking outside for that light.
    Another way to look at what you so wonderfully wrote is that sometimes…we NEED to reach that very edge, to look down the high cliff and jump off it….to catch that sun 🙂

    • “I went to the edge… there I stood and looked down. You know I’ve lost a lot of friends there, baby. I got no time to mess around.” – Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.
      Yep, sometimes, you do have to jump.
      But, I love your comment about the light being within us. That’s perfect. 😀

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