It was in the turkey’s best interest

candy filled turkey

So, I was gifted a turkey.  It was plump and cute and, well, I feared for it’s health, so I decided it needed to undergo a bit of surgery.  Sort of like a nip/tuck.  Sort of like a stomach staple.  Well, you’ll see.

*Warning – the following pictures are very graphic and may not be suitable for all ages*

First, I gave the turkey a bit of a anesthesia so that it wouldn’t suffer during the procedure.  We here in the kingdom think it is important to treat all creatures humanely.

Then I made a small incision to withdraw some of the excess fat:

turkey, candy, turcandy

Don’t worry, while his eyes appear to be open, he definitely wasn’t aware of anything that was going on.

After removing a healthy portion of the turkey’s excess filling, I quickly closed up the incision.

vanilla bean ice cream and reeses pieces

I know he looks a little out of sorts in the above picture, but that’s just because the anesthesia had yet to fully wear off.  Still, doesn’t he look better?  Of course he does!  We aim to please here in the kingdom.

In fact, the procedure went so well with this little guy, that 2 more of his siblings have signed up for the same procedure…

Turkey nom nom nom


Turkeys need to watch their weight too, don’t they?

Don’t pay any attention to the mug with vanilla bean ice cream and turkey guts…  That is not the delicious dessert you are looking for.


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