Blurred Edges

While Hayley goes trekking around the Emerald Isle, I’ve stopped by her slice of the blogosphere to share one of my sunrise themed posts. Pop on over and check it out!


blurry sunrise

I headed towards the sunrise and the edges of the world blurred as night reluctantly gave way to day.

Black seeped from the heavens into the land and blues took its place: first royal, then navy, then the hint of sky warmed with a kiss of pink.  The swap was nearly instantaneous.  One moment it was night and the next it was day, the only evidence the lingering blur on the horizon where the two continued to fight it out.

I headed towards the sunrise and marveled at the beauty of the coming day.

Not a single blemish marked the infinite sky.  Swiveling around I could see from one edge of the world to the other, front to back, and nothing spoiled the slow progression of hues.  I couldn’t see where one color ended and the next began, but the sky behind me was not the same as that in…

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