search term silliness

It has finally happened!  I’ve gotten enough off the wall search terms collected to get them into a post to share with all of you.  That’s not just awesome, that’s awesomesauceh.

On with the silliness:

You searched: “what is being struck with cupids arrow

Love.  Or, lust, I guess.  And perhaps a trip to the emergency room.  It all kind of depends on what cupid looks like and what the arrow is made of.

Executive Search Dating

You searched: “what does it mean to be called “matticus”?

Seriously?  That is just the most awesomesauceh search ever!  Am I right?  Why am I asking you?  I know I’m right!  To be called Matticus means you are silly, and a jester (which isn’t the same thing as being silly) and passionate, and a good guy who doesn’t always finish last, and a writer, and a friend.  You exude calm and patience, love and understanding.  You are a shoulder to cry on.  You are the first to jump to defend those in need.  Being called “Matticus” means you are a pretty swell guy, if I do say so myself.

You searched: “pilot brother birthday message

Well, you came to the right place.  I just so happen to have two posts that cover that very thing, right here and here.

You searched: “softly fades the light of day

Aw, isn’t that nice.  Well, unless you were hoping that my blog would just fade away, that’s less nice.  I’m guessing this took you one of my sunset or sunrise posts, which is good, because I think those are all pretty fantastic.  Though, this line is actually from a Boy Scout song:  “Softly fades the light of day, as our campfire fades away.  Silently each scout must ask, have I done my daily task?  Have I kept my honor bright?  Can I guiltless sleep tonight?  Have I done and have I dared, everything to be prepared?”

Wow.  I didn’t Google that, so it could be slightly off, but I’m impressed with how much of that I remember.  *pats self on back*  Go me.  We used to sing that song at camp at the end of our campfire programs at the beginning and ends of the weeks we spent there.  Good.  Times.  Not joking.

You searched: “meg ryan my ass is twitching

Well, that’s fascinating and all, but why do you think Meg Ryan would care?  To each their own, I guess.  However, I’m guessing your search was really for this post, but the quote is actually from Kevin Kline…  Maybe that’s close enough.  I won’t judge you.

It's hard to top Meg Ryan's performance in this scene but these ladies gave it a shot. Picture: Supplied

You searched: “coconut milk is a natural laxative tom hanks”

That’s good to know.  I think.  Maybe…?  I guess it could be useful information should I ever find myself cast away.  Though, again, I find your search curious.  Are you telling Tom Hanks?  He already knows.  He’s the one who informed the rest of us in the first place.

You searched: “why does robin williams say its not your fault

Robin Williams is insane, in a good way.  Who knows why he says anything?  That being said, I’m fairly certain what you were looking for could be found right here, partially.  For the rest of the answer you are going to have to watch Good Will Hunting.

You searched: “your life is a echo


Tred carefully.  That sounds like an insult… and we don’t take too kindly to those around here.  Are you saying I’m not original?  Are you saying I’m just a fading copy of a copy of a copy of a copy?  That seems harsh.  What have you done recently?


37 thoughts on “search term silliness

  1. Haha I love these. Mine are just not funny enough (yet) to compile a post, but it’s getting there! I actually just looked yesterday at them all to see if I could do a post yet, but I cannot. Also – I wouldn’t be near as funny as you or twindaddy who have me laughing out loud.

    • I think it’s just a matter of time… and when you do get them, yours will be hilarious because of all the star wars references that could pop up!
      “starwarsanon, search your feelings, you know it to be true”
      “scene it Friday stuff and what not”
      “am I star wars fanatic”
      Oh, the possibilities!! 😀

  2. meg ryan my ass is twitching! Maybe it was the coconut laxative? wtf? I’ve had a couple of these search terms posts – the most disturbing being the one where I was stalked by an angry Dragon Tales fan. You just never know . . .

  3. Haha! I think Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks definitely care. I heart them. Robin Williams just wants people to feel better about their life so that they don’t go around tellin’ people that they’re echoes– passive aggressively, through searches, ha! Loved this. 😀

    • I felt like I was too. After reading the one’s Twindaddy and Fish of Gold and a bunch other peeps kept putting up… where was mine?! And then, voila, there they were. I wonder if now that I’ve done it once the random searches will appear more often? Or, will it be just as long a wait until enough pile up to do another one? Guess I’ll just have to be patient and see what happens. Blah, I hate being patient!

  4. I don’t have any really off the wall search terms. Worryingly, although I’ve never sworn on my blog – certainly I’ve not dropped the f-bomb – two of the search terms I have in my stats do include that particular word. Which makes me say “what?” in a rather baffled manner each time I see them.

    I’m glad you’re sharing the insanity of the internet.

      • Oddly, I’ve not used swear words in my searches either. But the two I have in the list are “postulant sister f-” and (oddly) “Bishop f-s novice”. It’s probably safest to not try to think about what goes through people’s minds when they search using these terms, if you ask me.

    • The funny thing is, I didn’t even think of the last one being insulting until I had started writing something completely different in response, and then I saw it and changed my mind… definitely an insult. Funny, funny. I wonder what they found on my site with that search?

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