742 Evergreen Q and A

I can’t believe I haven’t already done this one…

Shame on me.  Shame, shame, shame.

This week’s theme is fairly evident, if you haven’t figured it out just based on the post title, then shame on you!  It’s, of course, all quotes from The Simpsons Movie.

Do you have a movie you’d like me include in these Q and A sessions?  Or a theme?  Or a specific actor?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can put together for you.

(All previous Q and A iterations are here.)

As a reminder:  The Q’s are life situations you may find yourself in, and the A’s are the corresponding quotes from movies that you could considering using in those situations if you were mad like me.  But, I am a professional Jester, so take that into consideration before trying them on your own.

Q: What should you say whenever someone brings up “what’s-her-name?”
A: “Clap for Alaska!”
– Homer (Dan Castellaneta)

Q: What should you say when someone asks for advice?
A: “Anyone can pick something when they know what it is; It takes real leadership to pick something you’re clueless about.”
– Russ Cargill (Albert Brooks)

Q: What should you say when the plane you are on is about to take off?
A: “Ok, boys, when you meet Jesus, be sure to call Him Mr. Christ.”
– Ned Flanders (Harry Shearer)

Q: What should you say when you are backseat driving?
A: “Look, we can’t keep stopping at every “sop”, “yeld”, or “one vay” sign!”
– EPA Passenger (Hank Azaria)

Q: What should you say whenever someone asks about your family?
A: “I wish Homer was my father.”
– Todd Flanders (Nancy Cartwright)

Q: What should you say when someone asks about where you grew up?
A: “This town is just one piece of trash away from a toxic nightmare!”
– Lisa (Yeardley Smith)

Q: What should you say when someone asks what your current job is?
A: “Well, I don’t like to brag, but I am now the Emperor of Springfield.”
– Moe (Hank Azaria)

Q: What should you say when someone says you made a mistake?
A: “That could be anybody’s Pig Crap silo.”
– Homer (Dan Castellaneta)

Q: What should you say when someone asks if they did something right?
A: “Actually, you’ve doomed us all. Again.”
– Bart (Nancy Cartwright)

Q: What should you say every single time you leave a building?
A: “Bye, everybody!”
– Dr. Nick (Hank Azaria)


I will never grow tired of watching The Simpsons on TV or on Film.  They always find a way to tickle my funny bone.  And while I will admit that sometimes the episodes can blur into one another, that isn’t reason enough to walk away from the characters.  Every generation has that one show that came on at the right time and then grew up with them.  The Simpsons is that for me.  Here there be fierce pacifier wielding babies, smart saxophone playing girls, crazy trouble making boys, tired peace keeping moms, and Homer.  There are no monsters.  Thanks for playing along.

42 thoughts on “742 Evergreen Q and A

  1. I can’t believe you hadn’t done this one yet either! I still remember not being allowed to watch this show because Bart was a “disrespectful slacker”.

    • My parents originally said, “no,” but we somehow convinced them to let us watch the first episode anyway… and then we were all hooked. It’s truly one of the shows of our generation, it’s humor, though always spanning multiple layers to reach a broad audience, has grown over the years.

      • Especially when compared against South Park or Family Guy, or any of the other outlandish cartoons that are popular. The Simpsons opened the door for that kind of entertainment.
        It’s interesting that they didn’t carry on with that… didn’t continue to test the limits. I wonder if that was a conscious choice by all involved, or if it was never really thought about – they just kept writing the stories they wanted to write and didn’t ponder if they needed to be more or less controversial…

  2. Love it!! I think one reason why people love The Simpsons is because it shows a normal family life, where Marge & Homer still want to jump each others’ bones despite having been married for 11 years (for the last 20-odd years).

    • I think some people might disagree with The Simpsons being a normal family life… certianly I have heard plenty of arguments of why The Simpsons shouldn’t be watched – drunk/abusive father, trouble making child, mom that just looks the other way, etc… Certainly none of them should be role models.
      But, I love them anyway. 😉

    • Classics. They don’t make shows like that anymore… :-/
      Well, except for Family Guy and Modern Family.
      Wait a minute. They make shows exactly like that still!!
      Plus, you know, The Simpsons is still around… and will be for another 24 years or so, right? 😛

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