the days ahead

 photo city_zps7e697ac0.jpgCredit to: dmkdmkdmk

The sun broke free, finally.  The storm had raged unabated for weeks, scouring the city in lashing, biting, stinging sheets of rain.  The light forced itself through the thinning clouds to show that autumn had pounced while the city slept.  The gloom was an unwelcome reminder that darker and colder days were coming.  While the residents might shake off their slumber for a few more weeks, the long sleep of winter would be upon them before they were ready for it.  Few ventured out that afternoon because the depression of the changing seasons was too strong to shake.


The sun slipped below the cloud layer to filter lazily through the quiet city streets.  After weeks of cleansing rain, the light had finally decided to peek through and see what the storm had accomplished.  The gutters and roads were free of their normal castoffs, and the buildings, having been scrubbed of their normal grime, sparkled in the half-glow.   The trees had started to turn, heralding the changing of the seasons, and while beautiful, the city slept on awhile longer.  The rain had lulled it to a peaceful slumber and not even the stunningly clear afternoon could draw them from their homes.  There would be plenty of time to enjoy fall and the approaching winter in the days ahead.


I couldn’t decide which way to take this story, in response to this week’s picture writing prompt provided by moi, so I gave you a short snippet of both.  I can see both the beauty and the joy in change, as well as the hardships and struggles prominent here.  As, I’ve been in similar situations in my life and seen one or the other depending on what else was going on.  I’ve camped in snow and cursed the bitter cold.  I’ve camped in snow and been overcome by the beauty of the adventure.

So, what do you see in this picture?  The positive?  The negative?  What speaks to you the most?

Write it, link it, post it!


12 thoughts on “the days ahead

  1. I understand how you can see this photo two ways. I have been in both situations too. I like to think of this as a sunset breaking through the storm during the last vestiges of the day. A little bit of hope before night sets in. Otherwise it is a sunrise about to be blotted out by the coming storm and the day will be cold and grey. But that’s just me.

  2. I like both versions, the first one slightly more – on the strength of the last line.

    “Few ventured out that afternoon because the depression of the changing seasons was too strong to shake.”

    Nicely put.

    • It’s a feeling I’m all too familiar with, but, more as summer’s heat kicks into full swing and I don’t want to leave the comfort of the air condiotioned buildings.

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