let them whisper

He’d felt the furtive glances and heard the whispers around the grounds of the keep that he was Jaylen’s companion.  When he’d taken the job all those months before he had been assured that he’d be seen as an equal, a peer, and that they would be working together.  However, as Caid mounted the spiraling steps and the bitter chill of morning ate into his finger tips he finally understand his role was that of servant.

The disappointment of that realization only lasted for the first flight of stairs, and then it was pushed aside by his rising excitement.  Caid couldn’t help it.  Any time Jaylen summoned him to the lab at the top of the tower to work on an experiment his pulse quickened.  As master of the tower, and one of the greatest sorcerers in the world, Jaylen’s magical theories and tests were the stuff of legend and it was an honor, it was humbling, just to be a part of them.

Even if he was only being paid to bring Jaylen his breakfast.

“Let them whisper among themselves, and see me as they will.  Today I’ll be joining the master in his laboratory while they remain below and guess at the miracles unfolding above their heads.”

Despite the steepness of the close-set stairs in the predawn gloom, Caid quickened his pace until his footfalls fell in line with his racing heart.  He didn’t want to keep Jaylen waiting.  He didn’t want to miss a single moment of the history making day.


Word Count: 254

For those of you familiar with DragonLance, I was definitely thinking of Raistlin and Dalamar as I was writing this.  And, for those of you familiar with the Trifecta Writing Challenge, this was my response to this week’s prompt:

:  one that accompanies another :  comrade, associate; also:  one that keeps company with another
obsolete :  rascal
 • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
• The word itself needs to be included in your response.
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
• Only one entry per writer.
• If your post doesn’t meet our requirements, please leave your link in the comments section, not in the linkz.
• Trifecta is open to everyone.

25 thoughts on “let them whisper

    • Hah! I’ve been waiting for that comment since I hit publish! 😉

      Once we get through November I’ll be looking to start a new long term project, and I was thinking about that as I was typing this up this morning. So, we’ll see what happens.

  1. I like this story, oh Jestery-Kingly one.

    It’s funny that you mention Dragonlance … I was poking around Amazon, looking for something, and I stumbled upon the original trilogies (Dragons of , and the Twins), and saw that they’re now on e-book format (which, it seems they have been for a bit, but, I hadn’t purposefully looked for them). I bought Dragons of Autumn Twilight, and it’s in my To Be Red stack … and, I will be able to toss out my old, old paperback copies that are falling apart because I’ve reread them so many times. I can definitely see the Raistlin/Dalamar in this story ….

    Take your own advice, in your comment above, and go with it … I bet you could turn this into a good, long term piece of writing.

    • Despite the obvious Raistlin/Dalamar influence? While I’m sure I could work a different angle, I’d worry that if I spent too much time in this world my writing would start to mirror Krynn and all those characters… I’m just not sure. But, right now my head is full of my NaNo project so I can’t see much beyond that anyway.

      I’ll have to look into the ebook formats. Somehow I’ve misplaced by Spring Dawning over the years and moves, so I need that one at least anyway.

  2. OK, so more of this story would be good (just piling up evidence for you to continue it!) What I love in this is Caid’s analysis of his situation as he’s climbing and his determination to be part of something bigger than himself if only in a small way. Enjoyed reading this. Thanks for linking up!

    • Hah, okay, okay, I get it! You want more. How can I refuse? 😉
      Thanks, as always, for providing the prompts and giving us a forum to be creative and work on things outside of our comfort zone.

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