yarn shenanigans

frog beanie

The Queen has entered the blogosphere!!

Hmm, no, no, that simply won’t do.

THE QUEEN has started blogging!!

Better, yes, but still not quite right….

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

I’m the Jester, yes, we can all agree on that.  (Hey!  We’re agreeing on it!)  I joined the blogosphere through The Matticus Kingdom just over a year ago as a way to unleash some of the words that had been building within me.  Shortly thereafter I introduced the Kingdom to The Queen via some poems and love letters.

She has a fair hand for writing too, but she enjoys crafting so much more.  Our home/castle/condo is filled with projects she has created: giant blankets, beanies for the Little Prince, dresses, skirts, shirts, curtains, etc…  She is creative and talented.

So, after a fair amount of pestering, I finally convinced her to share her creations with all of you!  (Aren’t you lucky?!)

The Queen has been feeling crafty and can be found at My Twisted Yarn.

Go check out what she’s shared so far.  And if you see something you like, go ahead and click on the Yarn Shop link and place an order for something she’s already made or for something specific you’d like her to put together for you.  Plus, you know, click on the follow button, and leave some comments to tell her how much you love her creations, and generally just continue to be the awesome community you have always been for me.


52 thoughts on “yarn shenanigans

  1. I NEED THE FROG HAT! Um, I mean…I have a friend who’s baby would look adorable in the frog hat.

    Very cool that she is entering the bloggyworld 🙂

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