mixed signals

He was just doing his job, so I can’t fault him for that…

However, his choice of words was interesting given the circumstances:

“I’m just here looking out for your safety.”

Really, then why were you hiding?  It seems like if you were truly interested in my safety, and the safety of the other drivers on the road, then you’d be out in plain sight using your presence as a reminder to slow down and drive safely.

Backing into a position off the side of the road, so that you are hidden from view until the cars come alongside you sure doesn’t seem like you are there for our safety.  That  makes it seem like you are more interested in handing out tickets to those unlucky enough to pass you when you are ready to spring your trap than actually worried about the safety of everyone on the road.

That’s just my theory, anyway.

And, as I said, you were just doing your job.

Though, I have to wonder when your job became more about revenue generation and law enforcement than keeping the peace…  And how you knew that your radar didn’t get distorted by the foliage you were hidden behind…  Has that been tested?  And how you targeted me, rather than any of the other cars I was among that were all going the same speed?  Especially when you couldn’t see any of us from behind those same bushes…

Yes, I have lots of questions, but I’ll be a good resident of California and pay this tax like I pay the rest.  It’s not like I have a family to feed, or a mortgage to pay, or the future to be saving for, or, oh wait, I do.

26 thoughts on “mixed signals

    • 😀

      Not the first ticket I’ve been given. Not the first speeding ticket either, though it has been several years since the last one. It just seemed like a curious thing to say after so blatantly using a hiding spot to catch speeders.

      He was nice through the whole process, and I was my normal charming self, so this wasn’t meant as an attack against him. Just against his words. If you are going to set a speed trap like that, at least own up to it. 😛

    • You’d think that, but…
      1) I didn’t learn from my previous speeding “mistakes”
      2) It’s very difficult to drive the speed limit on the long stretches of desert roads between CA and AZ when nobody is going that slow beside you
      3) I figure it’s just another tax I’m supposed to pay for the amount of time I spend on the roads

    • I don’t know how to drive slow. I’ve tried… my cars don’t like it, I don’t like it, the other people on the road with me don’t like it. I’d say I’ll keep working on it, but I know I won’t.

  1. <— bad about speeding. really, really bad. except residential areas … gotta watch out for those kiddos that like to dash out ….

    did i mention i speed a lot?

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