photo thelastray_zpsbc345dad.jpgPicture Credit: Rinogas

Five years into the adventure of their lives, Carl and Julia had completely settled into their new home.  They enjoyed that they were left entirely alone during the summer months, and while they weren’t thrilled with the proximity of the ski resort throughout winter it did ensure that help was close at hand if needed.

Stepping out his back door, which he had shoveled clear the day before, Carl could see fresh tracks sliding past their home.  Despite the clouds as the storm continued to swirl around the state, he could also see for miles down the valley.  It was the type of morning, pristine air and snow covered ground, he and Julia had moved there for in the first place.  He drank in the view and let it quench the ache in his muscles.

Moving to the mountains had proved far more difficult than either he or Julia had anticipated.  As much as they had researched and planned and talked with people who had made similar moves, there was no way to prepare for the physical exertion required to make it through each day.  The thin air, the snow shoveling, the biting cold, chopping firewood, shoring up snow drifts…  Every chore throughout summer and winter took its toil on their bodies.

But, in those moments of perfect beauty, when he could stand and watch the world unfold in brilliant splashes of color around him, he knew it was all worthwhile.  He could do twice as much work and still feel like it had been the right decision when he got to look out his back door and see his beloved mountains blanketed in white so very close he could actually reach out and touch them.

Rubbing his hands together, Carl returned inside to sip on the cup of coffee Julia had waiting for him.


If I knew how we would afford it, I’d move the Queen and Little Prince to a place like this in a heartbeat.  We both love the mountains and are enchanted by the adventure of trying to live there.  One day perhaps we will.

In the meantime, I have this and future picture writing prompts provided by moi to keep me sane.

And you?  What do you see when you look at the photo?  Write it, link it, post it.


9 thoughts on “adventure

  1. Agreed. I didn’t grow up in the mountains but I did grow up on 60 acres of fields and trees. It was amazing. I always thought I was a beach girl and I do love it, but whenever I get to go to the mountains, I feel home, like it’s where I’m supposed to be. Hopefully, we’ll both be successful authors one day and can afford to live wherever our hearts desire 🙂

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