NaNo teaser 2

I know you all thoroughly enjoyed the first excerpt I shared last week so I’ve decided to share another segment today.  Happy reading!  And to all you out there participating in NaNoWriMo or any of the other writing and blogging events going on this month, good luck, have fun, happy world and character creating, happy story telling.


The stars continued to wink at him as he slipped away from the building.  He didn’t go too far because he wanted to watch it, he had to see it work, but he did make sure he was safely out of the blast radius.  Dressed in all black, he ducked into the shadows of a nearby alley, and waited.

A second stray thought crossed his mind.  While he had been perfectly willing to kill his former classmates and teachers, he had first waited for his bomb to go off in the light.  Sure, he had set them up in the dark and people were definitely going to die, but it was going to be day when they went off.  This time he waited, unsure of who might be injured or killed in the explosion, and hidden in the folds of darkness.  Did that mean something?  Had his first attempt been more justified because it was going to explode during the day?  Was there something more sinister about this test because it was going to happen at night?

Answers never had time to formulate as his world was rocked by the crash and wave of an explosion.  The fireball that erupted from his bomb reached for the heavens and the ground under his feet shook in one violent rolling tremble.  What was left of the tower separated from the wall and fell to ground in thunderous chunks of stone and wood.  The ground shook as each new piece collided with the hard soil beneath.  Antyn’s ears rang painfully, but he didn’t mind.

His face, illuminated for only the stars to see, by the cascading waves of fire running down the base of the tower and across the wall, shown with pure joy.  The devices worked.  His bombs worked.  He had created something from nothing.  He was no longer a failure.  He had power.

Antyn rose his arms to the sky and marveled at the destruction he had caused.  He drank in the darkness.  He steadied his soul with the rocks he had torn loose from their moorings.

The fire raged on and spread further away from the initial point of the explosion.  The intense light the flames cast along the deserted streets send tendrils of shadows writhing along the ground and adjacent walls.  They turned the night away and banished the shadows that Antyn had been hiding in.


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