very interesting…

While busily catching up on all the posts I’ve missed since I fell into this year’s NaNoWriMo, I happened upon CK’s post regarding the “I Write Like” writing analyzer/web tool.  The page lets you insert examples of your writing and then spits out the famous author it deems your work to resemble the most.

I was intrigued.

So, I scrolled through the kingdom and pulled out several different kinds of posts to review, entered them into the tool, clicked on the analyze button, and here are the results:

A segment from this year’s NaNoWriMo project was written like: Ursula K. Le Guin

A random chatty post with updates from the kingdom was written like: Lewis Carroll

A chapter from my weekly western serial was written like: Robert Louis Stevenson

One of my silly flash fiction posts was written like: P. G. Wodehouse

My freshly pressed picture writing prompt post was written like: Isaac Asimov

One of my love poems to the Queen was written like: Margaret Atwood

The final chapter of my 2012 NaNo project was written like: Jack London

The YeahWrite post about the death of my grandfather was written like: Stephen King

My “Selcouth” Prompts for the Promptless post was written like: Stephen King

One of my favorite poems that was written like: James Joyce

One of my posts where I describe the sunrise was written like: Stephen King


Interesting, interesting, interesting.

Should I be worried that my writing style is all over the place and I “sound” different depending on the type of post I’m doing?  Or, should I be impressed that I’m able to change that voice depending on the message I’m trying to convey?

What do you think?  Is it good or bad that my results were so varied?

Then again, who cares!!!!

The tool said I write like Stephen King three different times.  I’m.  In.  Heaven.

45 thoughts on “very interesting…

  1. Nice! I got Stephen King and Cory Doctorow a lot on mine. I want to try to break it down by category, when I get the time (ha ha ha).

  2. I think that’s confirmation of your multiple personalities …. Maybe you’ll have to create an avatar for each one … and do your own guest postings…

    • That’s hilarious!
      I actually thought about creating a Jester gravatar at one time, but I would have needed a separate email address so I could keep it and the normal one I use and I didn’t want to go to that much trouble.

  3. Oh, this is a fabulous time waster. I got two Stephen Kings, two Cory Doctorow, and one each of Chuck Palahniuk, James Joyce, and J D Salinger. I didn’t check my poetry or regular blogs. I see the day being frittered away.

  4. It means that you have more than one tone of voice. What do you think would happen if we put King’s works through the tool? I bet it wouldn’t always recognize him

    • Hahahaha…
      That’s kind of funny and kind of sad.

      Though, it has made me think of another question. If you put the poetry back in and run it again, will it spit out the same answer or will it change it up?

      I think you’d hope it changed it, right?

  5. It’s good to be varied, it means you are a skilled writer in many different genres so be proud. Variety also keeps life interesting, or spicy as the saying goes.

  6. What a fun site! I had so much fun, I added the badge to mine. In three sample, I came out as Margaret Atwood, William Gibson and (tada) Stephen King. I’m none of these, but I sure would like to be. Totally cool. Thanks.

      • I did Google them..I had to! Took myself to Wikipedia…I can’t remember the name…it started with a C..Cory…I know he’s from BC in Canada and he writes…science fiction sort of books….and I took posts from my understand…well, maybe it would be considered science fiction by some…more fiction…than science..hahaha.

    • Fun!
      I wonder if King keeps showing up for all of us because he is a versatile writer too. While often considered a horror author, he has written something in pretty much every genre.

  7. Thanks very much for pointing us to this extremely fun gizmo that’ll I likely obsess over for weeks. I tested three of my posts on three dissimilar subjects from the last ten days, written under very different mindsets; I got one Cory Doctorow, one Mark Twain, and one H. P. Lovecraft.

    Frankly, I’m baffled on what conclusions to draw. So, SO weird.

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