my halloween story

What follows is a true account of my drive home from volleyball late last night.  A moonless sky.  A tired mind and body.  A dark stretch of road…

It dropped down, swaying ever so slightly on a single delicate strand, an eight legged shadow, obvious in its presence yet still hidden enough to make identification impossible.  Was it poisonous?  Was it really as large as it seemed as it hovered in front of my vision?  What should I do?

Before I could switch on a light, or make it to an intersection where the street lamps might help answer the questions flooding my mind, it collected itself and climbed back up that solitary strand to disappear behind my rear view mirror.

The terror, the absolute horror, a spider loose in my truck.  It was a struggle to continue driving, to keep my truck between the lines.

I haven’t found the spider.

It’s still there, lurking, waiting, preparing…


40 thoughts on “my halloween story

  1. This is the SCARIEST story I’ve ever read and there is no sarcasm there…

    I hate spiders and I’ve almost died before when the same thing happened to me. You seem much more controlled!

    • For that to happen I think the spider would have to bite me, right? And if that happened, while driving, I’m not sure I’d survive the resulting inevitable crash…

  2. Horrible! I had a similar situation a year or so ago, though, it was, day time … having it happen at night makes it 800 times worse!

    I never did find the spider… every now and then, I get the feeling it’s watching … waiting … for just the right moment….

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