I Will Stand With You

I stepped away from the kingdom for a little bit today to visit Hayley’s lil world. I put together a little poem in response to her recent battle against cyber bullying. Go check it out.


Hayley put out the request for some guest posts and I was compelled to answer.

But, what to write about?  What could I possibly say that held the same power and emotion of her recent guest post for me?  She tackled a touchy subject and really had to dig deep to put the post together.  My post for her needed to at least attempt to be as meaningful…

I deleted about 400 words I had written here… which all amounted to a lot of random ramblings of my jestering mind.  And, yes, the only reason I’m telling you that I deleted some content was so I could use the phrase “jestering mind.”  I’m awesomely silly like that.

Anyway, I’ve given up hope of trying to compete with the guest post that Hayley did for me, and so I’m going to subject you all to another poem.  Please, please, keep the…

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