Debut Writer: “Initiation” by djmatticus

A piece of fiction I wrote was featured over at We Poets Show It today. (Wow, I’m just all over the place… where will I end up next.) Go check it out!

His hands trembled.  He looked at them nervously, suspiciously, angrily, daring them to try and stop his plan.  They continued on for a moment undaunted by his stare and then they settled down.

He smiled, master of his body again, in full control and ready to proceed.  The smile was sinister.  The laughter in his eyes seemed in direct contrast, but, looking deeper, the laughter was evil too.  From his black garb and painted face to the tools of his trade, wielded confidently, everything about him bespoke of the dirty deed he was set upon.

He connected the trigger wire, the fuse, to the explosive compound on one end, and then ran it ever so carefully to the detonator at the other end.  The air around him was rank with his excitement and the oily stink of the bomb.  He was saturated in it.  He reveled in it.  A final…

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