An Evening with a Dinosaur and an Artist

Yesterday, the Queen and I (and the Little prince) hosted Rara and Dave (the dynamic duo of Queen Creative) in our humble abode.

We ate some delicious food prepared by the Queen.  (She’s just the best Queen a Jester could ever hope for.)

We laughed at the antics of the Little Prince who was on his very best behavior.  (It’s amazing how happily he played and babbled to himself while we ate and talked.  Every once in awhile he’d squeak at us so we’d all look at him, then he’d smile and giggle and go back to what he was doing before he grabbed our attention.)

We bemoaned the skittishness and silliness of our kitties who never bothered to wander downstairs and say hello.  (They are normally very social with other animal lovers, but the most we saw of either of them was Belle’s face peering around the corner at the top of the stairs before she hid herself away again.  Sara and Belle reappeared, as if by magic, within minutes of Rara and Dave’s departure.  Very silly kitties indeed.)

We talked blogs.  We talked families.  We talked publishing.  We talked food.  We talked about the general lack of midwifery services in California (and the US in general) as compared to the rest of the world.  We talked art galleries.  We talked children.  We talked movies, authors, comic books, silliness, randomness, awesomesauceness, and so many other things I can’t remember.  (Rara could though, her mind is a steel trap.)  We swapped stories, and ideas, and laughs.

They have a vast array of knowledge and experience in a plethora of subjects – well traveled, educated, and always searching for new things to learn and master.  Rara is as friendly (and talkative) in person as her words portray her to be.  Dave was quick to smile and add his insights.  The Queen and I were in awe of all they have done.

Round and round we went. All too soon the night slipped away and it was time for them to hit the road.  While later than the Queen and I would have normally stayed up, it was time well spent.  The conversations were a great trade off for the sleep I was missing and it was a trade I wouldn’t hesitate to make again.

Thank you, Rara and Dave, for driving up the coast to have dinner with my family.  Thank you for the wonderful evening, for all the great ideas and insights and suggestions.  The Queen and I definitely got the better end of this deal – we didn’t have to drive, and I’m sure we got far more out of what you were saying than what we were contributing.  You two are truly wonderful people.

Dave, Rara and Matticus.

Update: Check out Rara’s related post: A Royally Wonderful Night

72 thoughts on “An Evening with a Dinosaur and an Artist

  1. There is a triple threat if I have ever seen one!! Great picture. It is awesome to step away from the websites and meet the people. Makes me wish we had crossed paths while you were in Maine. Next time Matt.

    • I know. :-/ I felt so bad that we didn’t connect while I was driving right by. Definitely will have to do so next time.

      And, yes, something I forgot to put in the post. It’s funny how we create “voices” in our heads for the bloggers we read regularly – it was nice to compare their real voices to what I had been hearing before. I had Rara spot on. Who she is on her blog is who she is: her voice carries through.

  2. Oh man I am so jealous! Green, even. But you all seem like such nice people I can’t stay jealous for long (well maybe) I love rara! Somehow I’m not surprised that she is like her blog. Makes me smile. And Dave I bet is the same. The quiet one of the group. Too bad I live so far away. sniff 😉

  3. The professor has not had delicious food in the presence of royalty in such a long time that he’s quite vexed by it! The joy that your blog entices has the professor wanting to stay, but alas he cannot neglect his endless duties dagblameit! Its been fun; real fun…. hee hee as much is as possible for this professor.

  4. I am literally on the other side of the country from y’all. Maybe I need to run away from home…

    • How about “you need a break from home” instead? Then it’s less awkward when you return home, you don’t have the shame/guilt of leaving home behind, and you don’t have to worry about what home is thinking about you behind your back… 😉
      Come on out!

    • Advice on shirts: Apparently black is the color to wear, haha, I didn’t notice till I was playing with the photo that we were all matching. WP uniforms, coming up! 😉 (Of course, my nails were gold-green with glitter. You’d like ’em.)

  5. We went up wanting to bring you a copy of the durgle and my batman statue, then forgot the statue. Not to make us look bad, but that’s sort of our calling card. “We brought dessert! Except I forgot the whip cream and the serving utensils are in the car. But yea, pie!”

    • Haha, no worries. We’re always forgetting things like that too. We’ll go through the effort of planning on 6 course meals, and set it all up, and about halfway through dessert we’ll realize we’d left one of the side dishes to stay warm in the oven. Oh well.

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