cat adoptions today

The Queen and I had seen the sign before.  We hadn’t quite figured out the when, the routine, of its appearance as we went about our errands in the same shopping center, but we had definitely noticed it.  The sign made it perfectly clear what we would find should we venture inside, should we decide to test our resolve.  We weren’t brave enough, though.  We weren’t strong enough to withstand the pressure.

That remained true until we bought our first home.  Suddenly, with the scribbling of a couple signatures, the signing away of most of our savings, the packing, moving, and unpacking, a new world had been opened to us.  Boldly, we parked and walked by the sign, the doors parted and we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.  The three simple words on the sign outside didn’t truly prepare us for what was waiting inside: Cat Adoptions Today.

We talked to the shelter volunteers handling the adoptions.  We petted and held several different kittens.  We learned about shots and food and litter and toys and sleeping habits.  These were all things the Queen and I had already known, having grown up in houses with cats, but they were all things we needed to hear again because in those houses we hadn’t been solely responsible for the purring denizens of chaos and love.  In the end, we signed more paperwork than we had to buy our condo.

Walking in we knew that taking a kitten home was a real possibility.  We knew that if we saw one that called out to us we would be powerless to do anything but cuddle her and make her part of our family.  We hadn’t known that there would be two kittens that called to us.

The Queen and I doubled our little family that day.  Our new home became Sara and Belle’s new home too and our lives would never be the same again.

cat sitting on your lap                            crazy cat acting out the psycho shower scene


This is my submission for this week’s Yeah Write Writing Challenge:


59 thoughts on “cat adoptions today

  1. Well done!! I am currently owned by three shelter kitties. I’ve always had shelter cats. So hooray to the Matticus Clan and congratulations, and WELCOME to Sara and Belle! They’re so freaking cute.

    • Yeah, our little condo is maxed out for space already. If we moved to a larger house we’d probably get some more kitties. And, we have to avoid the adoption events for that reason too.

    • Hahaha, train cats?
      We tried. Maybe not as long as we could have, but we did try. For probably 8 months I carried around a squirt bottle and tried to encourage them to not get into things they shouldn’t, to get off counters, to not tear at the carpet. Eventually, we realized that they actually liked the water and by then it was too late… the house was theirs.

  2. I have never had a cat … birds, dogs, guinea pigs, hedgehog, chickens, chinchilla, ferrets, rats, … but those eyes may make me a cat lover yet…

  3. So glad that Sara and Belle got their forever home. As I’m sure you’ve learned, two kittens generally work out better than one. I volunteer at a shelter that tries to send them out in pairs. A few cats do better alone, but most need a buddy to keep them from being bored and destroying your furniture.

  4. I am more of a dog person but these look adorable!
    Congratulations on moving to your new condo and bringing home so much furry cuteness and love!
    Purrrrr-fect post for bringing on my morning face a big smile.

    • The darker kitty is Sara, and the lighter kitty is Belle. Sara is definitely the Queen’s lap warmer, protector, and snuggle buddy. Belle is my shadow and noise maker.

    • Haha, I’m not sure how my kitties would react to yours. Well, I know that Belle would flee and hide, because that’s what she does. Sara might come down and say hello but it could take awhile for her to work up the courage to do so.

      • Ha! Biskit has a lot of Belle in him, and Ody has a lot of Sara in him. Were my Spilly Boy still around, he would definitely make an effort to introduce himself to the girls! He was quite the outgoing and charming kitty…

    • Yeah… probably. We might let the little prince pick one when he gets a bit older… in which case we may only get one, but, with all likelihood we will continue to get them in pairs so they grow up together and are buddies.

  5. I grew up with both cats and dogs, and I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve always preferred dogs. My wife prefers cats, but she’s allergic to both, so that makes it kind of a moot point.

    • I get the love, affection, devotion aspect of dogs, but I could never get over the lick you in the face and jump up and knock you over aspect.
      Sure, my cat jumps up on me too (from ground to my shoulder without warning) but she doesn’t weigh anything so it doesn’t bowl me over. And she might try to bit my face, but she’s never tried to lick it once.

  6. I love this and I totally know how it is! We have a cat called DaVinci who found us and we adopted her. I would adopt them all if I could. 🙂

    • The queen’s family has always had cats adopt them… and if some kitties ever came around our current place we would probably do the same, but no strays ever come around.

  7. Cats are the best. Unless you are a dog person. Which I confess I am. But we have two cats and I do love them. I let them pester me all night with their fur and purring, when they for some reason feel the need to snuggle.

    • It’s funny how they can switch on and off their need for attention, isn’t it? I’ve never been much of a dog person myself, but I do appreciate pets in general and the relationships that pets of all kinds and their owners can develop.

  8. Substitute dog for cat, and I can totally relate to your tale. Once you own a home, it seems safe to open up to those animals who need adopting.
    Nine years later, I no longer have the husband or house, but I still have the dog.

  9. I am a total sucker for those “purring denizens of chaos and love.” This is why I avoid pet-adoption day at our local shelter…

    • It’s hard not to take one home with you… or all of them… yeah, that’s the truth, right? It’s hard not to take all of them home with you.
      That’s how it is for us too.

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