I’m up to good – DJ Matticus

I just keep popping up all over the blogosphere these days. I made a guest appearance today where I may or may not be up to some good. Go check it out.


I asked one of the most awesome bloggers I know to write something for me and voila! A beeeg, beeeeg thank you to Matt (click here to go to his awesome blog once you are done reading) for writing this lovely poem, totally made my day to read it and publish it here.
The clouds are gathering, the storm is ready to break,
I’m ready to do some entering and see what I can take,
That store looks nice with all its shiny doodads and whatsits
I think I’ll stroll on over and see what I can wrap up in my mits.
The storm erupts, and the rain pours down,
You’ll never see me in an orange striped gown,
I’m much too clever, much too quick in mind and feets,
I know my way through these mean, mean streets.
The wind lashes my face, stinging…

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