arts and crafts in the Kingdom

Do you remember Fish of Gold’s post where she told us all about the products she had for sale?  You don’t?  Well, it’s right here.  Read it.  Come back.  We’ll move on.

She is super talented, and I had to grab some of her art in the form of stickers.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them at the time, but figured the Queen and I could do something for the Little Prince with them.

And we did!

At first I was going to just peel the stickers from their backing and fix them to the background colors, but the Queen, in her brilliance, decided it would be smarter if she were to cut them out of the backing so we could re-purpose the stickers in the future.  Since I’m not to be trusted with scissors for work like that, she did that part, while I cut out the background squares and rectangles, put the stickers in the frames, and hung them on the wall:

Fish of Gold artwork

Since, I don’t do arts and crafts perfectly, you should definitely note how the monkey is off center… almost like he is trying to escape.  We thought about fixing it, but then considered how much like a monkey the Little Prince is right now (climbing everything and bouncing around) and decided it was fitting:

Fish of Gold Monkey.

Ever the best of helpers, one of our two cats, Sara, supervised the whole project.  You can tell from here how impressed she was with my hanging job:

Fish of Gold artwork.

Have you ever seen such great supervision, such good managerial skills, such perfect indifference?

So, have you gone to check out Fish of Gold’s wares?  All of her art can be picked up as stickers, on t-shirts and sweatshirts, on onesies and child shirts, in a calendar, etc…  Use the link above to show her some love, and then click through to her distribution site and see what catches your fancy.  I’ll bet you find something you like too.

26 thoughts on “arts and crafts in the Kingdom

    • 😀 It added a splash of colors to the walls too, an added bonus of putting them up we hadn’t really thought about. It looks much better than my photo makes it out to be.

    • Thanks for the wonderful art! The frog is super cute, all smug and “hey, I’m a frog, deal with it.” And the two cats are wonderful as well. Oh, and the dragon! I had to get a dragon. And a penguin. And the monkey is so perfect for our little monkey, er munchkin, er the little prince.

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