it’s a living

The alley stank of filth, the castoffs of the dregs of society.  Litter spilled out of the trash cans.  Half-eaten globs of food were left in various states of decomposition across every surface they could stick to.  In places it looked like someone had intentionally smeared their waste on the wall.  It was not a place one would want to walk alone on a summer day in the height of tourist season.

It was winter, near midnight, and rain clouds blocked out the feeble light of the sliver of moon hanging onto the edge of the world.  It wasn’t raining, but it had, and it would again before the night was out.  The rain would wash the traces of spilled blood into the corners of the alley where it would go unnoticed among the trash.

He watched, hidden in the darkest depths of the alley, with eager anticipation as she stumbled out of the bar alone.  Her drunken faulty steps carried her across the street to pass in front of his alley, and he bent his will towards her, using the magic that was part of his nature to coerce her to enter.  It wasn’t a challenge.  Drunks never were.  Challenge or not, they tasted just as sweet either way when he was hungry, and he hadn’t eaten in days.

She barely paused at the entrance to the alley as he stripped away her last bit of control, and then her steps grew stronger, more certain, as he guided her through the detritus to where he waited.  She was young, and lovely, a true beauty among the humans.  She stood before him, no longer aware of anything, completely devoid of thought.

He reached out and gently tilted her head to the side, exposing her slender neck.  He gazed lovingly across the supple surface of his meal.  His fingers stroked the smooth skin and felt the flesh pulsing with the life beat flowing underneath.  Life for him.  Death for her.  His fangs sank deep.  His head exploded with rapturous joy as he tasted her.  He felt strength returning to his body and smiled, the upturned lips allowed a stream of blood to flow from his mouth and drip from his chin.

If it hadn’t been so long since his last meal he wouldn’t have needed to kill her.  He could have taken just enough to carry on, release her from the spell and send her back into the night.  But, it had been too long for him and once he started he could not control his thirst, his lust for her life’s blood.  When he finished, her corpse slumped to the ground at his feet, and he wiped the blood from his chin with his right hand and licked up the excess.

He could see the moon through the clouds.  He could hear the whispers of the humans in the neighboring buildings as the went about their boring lives oblivious to his existence.  He could smell their blood and while it called to him he’d had enough to regain some control over his needs.

Leaving the dead to rot in the alley, with his regained strength, he scaled one of the adjacent buildings, jumping from shadow to shadow as needed, and then hoisted himself onto the roof.  From there he jumped, changed into a bat, and walked the paths of air through the night in search of his next hiding spot.  It wasn’t the most glamorous lifestyle, especially compared to when he had lived like a king and been treated with the fear and respect he deserved, but times had changed and he had been forced to change with them.

Approaching his 2,000 year of life, he had been forced to adapt many times and it no longer bothered him as it once had.  Perhaps one day the humans would wage a war that would decimate their numbers and capabilities and then he’d walk among them as a god again.  He could be patient for that likely eventuality.

With the taste of his last victim’s blood still in his mouth, he knew for the time being that he had all he ever really needed anyway.


Written as a thank you to The Cutter for helping me reach this major milestone.   He requested/said: “I’d like to see more stories from the vampire’s point of view. (And cool vampires like in the old days, not the whiny vampires in tween lit like Twilight)”

Well, how did I do?


Are you a faithful kingdomite?  Do you have a request?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can put together for you.  (And for all those who already have their requests in, don’t worry, I have them all written down and I’m already working on them.  Your posts are coming.)

19 thoughts on “it’s a living

    • Thank you!
      It seems like I might have a knack for this writing thing… I think I might try to sell some of it in the near future. Not entirely sure how to get started on that though.

      • You know Sam McManus that has published on my blog sells his books. Maybe you could ask him? Or Patrick O’Scheen, he has published books too. Oh and Rohan from Rohan7things.

      • You mean… ask people for help? That’s… something an extrovert might be able to do. Alas, I am not an extrovert. 😉 However, as soon as I make 10 minutes to put a plan together, then I will be reaching out to people to help, because I’m not really an introvert either.

  1. Nice! Sorry I missed this the first time around. Too busy finishing stuff up at work. But awesome job, and I’m glad the vampires didn’t sit around and brood and sparkle and all that other crap.

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