After The Wedding

I stopped by Not Pretending (to be sane) today while she is off on her honeymoon. Go check it out!

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A real treat today…

DJMatticus has graced ‘Not Pretending’ with a guest post! On Sunday I re-blogged his post about his wedding. Now is the follow-up you’ve been waiting for…

The snow capped peaks rolled into the pristine sky. The air was so clear you felt like you could see to the ocean if those same peaks weren’t resting on the horizon. The icy chill of the morning snapped out at the exposed flesh of our cheeks, noses, lips, and we didn’t care. Though, we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

The queen and I were married in April, in Mammoth. The end of the season, the start of spring, and yet, when we stepped out onto the snow at the top of the mountain (11,000 feet) for our champagne toast there were still eighteen feet of packed powder below our polished shoes, suit, and wedding dress. The…

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