please call again

Eyes strain against the light,
My palms covering them,
Offer little comfort,
Raw red stinging torture,
No release from their plight.

Sleep attacks with brute force,
I sluggishly fend off,
Looming grasping darkness,
Attached to fleeting thoughts,
I cannot stay this coarse.

The onslaught is too great,
My mind is overthrown,
Drifting downward deeper,
Awareness has left me,
Giving in to my fate.

Perhaps my dreams will soothe my ache…

Perhaps you should return when I wake…


14 thoughts on “please call again

    • Thank you. I’ve been trying to play around with syllable use and word spacing in my recent poems, along with various rhyme schemes, and was fairly happy how this one turned out too. Glad you enjoyed it!

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