Happy Birthday!

Remember that time you showed me how to use a potato peeler?  No?  That’s okay, I don’t remember either.  But I’ve got the scar still.

Remember that time you “helped” me lose one of my baby teeth?  I must admit, it was a really good roundhouse.

Remember that time I shot with a rock fired from my sling shot?  Ouch.  Yeah, sorry about that.

Remember that time you hit me with your hockey stick and I got really mad and went looking for my sling shot? 

Remember that time you let me hang out with you and your friends because I didn’t really have anyone to hang out with?  Yes, I remember that happening more than once too.

Remember that time you invited me out to spend a week with you at college?  Made.  My.  Summer.

Remember that time you were my confidant, my best friend, my voice of reason?  Yeah, I remember that happening more than once as well.

Remember that time you stood up with me at my wedding?  Don’t ever forget that I didn’t make you do any speeches.

Remember that time you held your nephew for the very first time?  He won’t remember that moment, but I’ll never forget the smile on your face.

Remember that time you turned 35?  That’s happening now.  That’s today.  And what a great 35 years it has been.  Thanks for being my brother.  I hope you have a wonderful day.

25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. So glad all those loud fights with your brother when you were very young turned into real communication between you two, happy birthday pilot 😀 enjoy your terrific brother present 😀 Ya know uncle fred and I waited a long time to have kids ( 10 year difference in age with your cousins) you two scared us 😀

    • Loud fights? With my brother? I think you must be remembering some other kids…

      Hahaha! Your two munchkins turned out pretty well, perhaps you should thank us for scaring you into waiting a bit? 😛

  2. Gosh, I don’t remember the baby teeth thing, but I’m always glad to help! Thank you for the birthday shout out.

  3. Oh yeah, and I assume you still remember how to peel a carrot. So you are very welcome!

    And, I don’t know how any or our actions would have scared Aunt Leslie and Uncle Fred. We were perfect little angels. Especially me!

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