The hunter.

 photo trees_zps17e27d86.jpg

 – image credit: Matilde Berk

It lurked within the shadows, hidden in the dark forest and the fog, watching and waiting.  It could smell its quarry and knew that soon enough the rumblings in its stomach would be assuaged.  Yes, very soon indeed.

The snapping of twigs and crunching of dead needles crushed like thunder in the silent woods.  The echoes peeling off the close set trees and reeling past where the creature lay hidden.  The sound helped it pinpoint its dinner and it licked its lips in anticipation.  Soon.  Yes, very soon indeed.

The footsteps grew closer, and the beast gathered its strength for the mad dash and pounce, for the rending and tearing.  It pulled its legs taught underneath it and its jaws gaped in a snarl  of hunger and longing.  In the half-light it caught of glimpse of movement through the fog and shadows.  So very soon.  Yes, very soon indeed.

The beast’s prey stumbled closer, with no mind to the noise being created and hint that he was being watched and stalked.  The interminable fog made the whole ordeal more difficult, slowing his pace, taking his sight out of the equation.  he couldn’t remember how many times he’d been whipped across the face by a low hanging branch he hadn’t see until too late.  He just hoped it would be worth it.  He hoped his journey through the woods would bear the reward he so desperately sought.

In his right hand he clasped the gun given him by his grandfather, loaded with bullets he had forged himself.  A family gun.  A family tradition.  A family job.  Somewhere out there in the darkness the beast lurked.  Somewhere it was preparing to attack.  He could smell it.  His had tensed on the revolver and he stopped to listen.

The creature sensed fear and weakness and sprang into attack.  His claws dug into the soil, shredding it as it flew along the ground, winding through the trees.  Soon.  Soon.  Soon.  Yes, very soon indeed.

The man smiled, raised his firearm and sent the silver bullet speeding on its way.


Word Count: 345

This is my response to this week’s Picture Writing Challenge provided by moi.  What do you see?  Write it up, link it up.

19 thoughts on “The hunter.

    • I really enjoyed this photo too. I was tempted to take it someplace less dark but once again the words shaped where my story went rather than the other way around.

      • Always? That’s, like, 100% of the time? Are you sure that’s the word you were looking for? Because it would be inconceivable not to want a silly story from time to time too, wouldn’t it? 😉

      • As long as they have happy endings I’m fine! Of course we LOVE your happy stories to!

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