I’m back!!

Well, sort of…

I mean, I have returned from Maine successfully, but there is still a mountain of work to do to actually be back up and running as per normal.  Unpacking, laundry, cleaning, getting back on west coast time, catching up on a week’s worth of work at work, and catching up on a week’s worth of blog posts that I missed.

I started that yesterday and made it alphabetically through the list of blogs I read all the way up to “E.”  Today we start with Fibot, Fear No Weebles, Fish of Gold, and then go from there.

Huge thank yous to Twindaddy, The Hook, Melanie, and Alisa for taking some time out of their busy schedules to post on the kingdom in my absence.  If you haven’t read their posts go do so now.  If you haven’t checked out their pages, shame on you, and also go do so now.  And click the follow button for each of them.  Official Matticus Kingdom proclamation and all that.

That’s right, “official.”  Do it.

I have travel stories that I will probably share at some point… but I’ll need some time to gather my thoughts on them and figure out how to say what I want to say.

First, however, I’m going to apologize to the two bloggers (Fearless Leader and JD) who had expressed an interest in hanging out while I was in the area… unfortunately, with the little prince not really being on a good schedule, everything taking longer than anticipated, and not spending as much time in Augusta as planned it didn’t work out to meet up with either of you.

And, second, we took our 5 month old across the country (from California to Maine) and back again: 4 planes, 600+ miles in a rental car, 120+ miles in our car to get to the first airport and then home again…

What.  Were.  We.  Thinking?!


25 thoughts on “I’m back!!

    • I was hoping you new… because I’m not sure anymore. Maybe if I can get some sleep one of these nights it will all become clear to me again…

      It was a good trip. Lots of good food. Some very pretty drives. Laughs. Celebrations. Good times.

    • Yes. I’m sad it didn’t work out. I had planned on emailing you when we made it to Old Fort Western, but, then we never went .. we were running a bit late, and we were both exhausted after not having really slept on the plane out there. The little prince was up and happy and doing great (he did sleep on the plane), but he can’t be trusted to drive the car yet…

      • We loved driving down the coast – and we talked more than once about stopping at an open house to do a walk through. The sheer quantity of space and coast line were mind boggling… and the fact that we could get a mansion on acres for what we paid for our tiny condo weighed heavily on our minds. But, the weather was perfect, and being buried in the snow in the winter might have changed our perspective a bit.

  1. Welcome back, buddy! It was an honor to be here.
    I’ve been feeling under the weather of late, and so I didn’t devote the proper time to the comments section as I should have, but I’ll do better next time. Promise!

    • You went above and beyond just providing a post for my silly blog!
      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, on top of construction at work, on top of everything else going on at home, on top of everything malfunctioning the other day… Hopefully you’ll wake up tomorrow and feel much improved.

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