Guest Post: Alisa Russell – Across the Country

Please give a warm Kingdom welcome to Alisa Russell.  I asked for travel posts and she happily supplied one.  It’s full of wit and charm and more than a touch of humor:


As our loaded-down vehicle pulled out of my aunt and uncle’s driveway one warm July morning, there were many reasons for me to feel like a failure. My husband had been out of work since the previous fall because of his surgery. He had searched for work ever since he had healed as his income had been our sole support, but had been unsuccessful in finding it. My parents, who lived in California, had offered our family shelter while he continued to look for work. I could have been depressed, but I wasn’t because we had decided to treat the trip as a homeschooling adventure. Did I mention that we homeschooled?

Anyway, the first day we drove through four states—South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. We were loaded down with the trunk full and with a car carrier on top. The car carrier was not covered because none of us thought it would rain. Surprise, surprise. It started raining in Alabama and soaked the bags all the way through. Clothes were strewn all over the hotel room that night in an attempt to get them dry.

The next day we all started off grumpy, but that changed the minute we crossed the Mississippi River outside of Memphis. The look of awe and fascination in both of my boys’ eyes was worth every bit of aggravation from the previous day. We made it through Arkansas and into Oklahoma that day.

We woke up slightly later the next morning. I had made plans for us to meet a homeschool acquaintance and her children at a local tourist attraction off old Route 66. It was a restaurant called Pops which had a giant soda bottle out front and had every possible variety of soda you could wish for inside. The boys loved it!! They each had green apple Jolly Rancher soda. Does that sound very sweet? It was! We got back on the road and made it through the rest of Oklahoma, Texas, and slightly into New Mexico that day.

The following day we were finally in the desert. With the landscape being different than anything the boys had ever seen before, they asked question after question, and learned more about the geography of the United States than they ever could have learned from a book. It started off hot in New Mexico and was also hot in the first half of Arizona until we got to Flagstaff where it was twenty degrees cooler.

For the fifth and final day of our journey, we drove back down out of the mountains and into the desert once more. We were all tired of being stuffed into a car like sardines. And this would be the worst day—110 degree temperatures when we went through Tucson. By the time we pulled into my parents’ home in San Diego, we were all very tired and ready to rest. Little did we know, we would be making the same journey backwards one month later when my husband was hired as the customer service director for a company in Alabama.


Homeschooling, traveling, learning, writing, asking tough questions…  She’s got it all, so make sure you go check out her site.

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Alisa Russell – Across the Country

  1. What a wonderful adventure, and a wonderful way to look at the adventure! It’s such a change of scenery to move ‘cross the States. I’m glad you were able to enjoy it! 🙂

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