softly fades the light of day

Why do you fight the truth,
You are so very tired little one,
The giant yawn is my proof,
Close your eyes, your day is done.
Your smiles and giggles,
So quickly turn to cries,
And still you struggle,
In my arms you wriggle,
As you rub your eyes,
And closer to me snuggle.
There’s no need to scream and shake,
Relax and let your dreams take you,
We’ll be by your side when you wake,
There’s nothing we’d rather do,
The queen and I love you.


39 thoughts on “softly fades the light of day

    • Well, it didn’t seem sweet or beautiful when I started composing this in my head last night, as the little prince was vehemently disagreeing with me about his state of sleepiness.

    • I bet they will. We are all very forgiving … I think the lack of sleep helps with that somehow: too tired to remember, too tired to care, too tired to be sane at all…?

    • Um… the teen years? Um… shouldn’t we be sleeping just fine by then …? What exactly have I signed on for here? and… now that I think about it… I don’t remember signing anything…

    • Everyone keeps saying that… I guess that is a good thing, but… it didn’t seem all that beautiful as I was writing it. Silly munchkin, so tired, but so distracted by everything new around him to close his eyes and let his body get the rest it needed.

  1. I love this, you are the most patient parents, I enjoyed this and I’m sure he will sleep fine as a teenager, especially in the morning that lasts till noon πŸ˜€ I remember that jello quote, ah so true so true.

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