Pity you, Cyber Bullies.

Had to reblog this. As a victim of bullying in school before the advent of cyber bullying it is a topic that I’m following closely – one more thing I’ll need to pay attention to as a parent when the little prince is old enough for this to factor into his life. I hope we have turned things around before then, but that’s going to take us all standing up and doing something about it…

The numpty with a camera

DSC_1696smIs that what you aim for, to feel good about yourselves?
to take a child’s innocence, hopes and dreams
stamp it out because your confidence lost you?
Look at yourselves, long and hard.
Cowards behind a keyboard. Bullied yourselves
one way or another.
All your lives,
that you continued to deny.
Big for the sake of it. Because you can.
Because for the first time you have no retribution.
You are hidden now, you will not always be.
What you don’t see.
What you fail to see,
is the look on the face of a child.
The look of confusion.
“What did I do wrong?”
Too young really to realise
how pitied and pathetic you actually are.
How bigger and better than you
they are.
Each and every one of them,
who treat and treated other people
with respect.
Pity the cyber bully,
for they are cowards.
Like serial killers…

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