photo cavern_zpsd56330d9.jpg

This was her kingdom, her watery domain, and she liked the light that poured in from overhead even as she hung back in the shadows.  The dark had ever been her friend as she glided along, slipping through the water, embracing its cool kiss.  The light was her friend too because it was attractive to those who happened to stumble into her world.

They couldn’t help themselves but to gather near the light, as though fascinated by it, caught within its spell, its hint of warmth and safety.  If only they had known how wrong they were.  Not that it mattered, she would have found them without the aide of the light, as she had in eons past, when the portal hadn’t been there.   However, it certainly made her hunting that much easier.

At first she had despised the light.  It hurt her eyes, it distorted her other senses, and she feared that its arrival might be the first steps in an invasion on her domain.  She had quickly dealt with the men who had been foolish enough to cool their heals in her waters and, much to her pleasant surprise, the men working on the portal had stopped coming down altogether after only a few days.  She was left alone again but when the men departed, in their haste, they kept the portal open.

Eventually her eyes grew accustomed to the light and she learned that it was like a shiny bauble that distracted the simple minded, too enchanted with it to notice what was really going on around them.  She also noticed that the light let her really enjoy the beauty of her kingdom, for it is hard to appreciate the darkness unless there is light to contrast against it.

Lurking beneath the surface she waited for the sounds of movement to ripple out to her.  Splashing.  Voices.  The slap of flesh and bone on brick.  The thought of it made her smile hungrily.  Lunch.  She licked her lips in anticipation.


Word Count: 333

Hooray!  It’s been a fortnight and Moi is back with a new Picture Writing Prompt.  What do you see when you look at this picture?  Write it up, type it up, post it up and we’ll all enjoy it up.


19 thoughts on “distraction

  1. YOUR A WRITER!!! I can’t match that!!! LOL when I see a space like that I think…. First eliminate water, scrape and sand blast stone, new wiring, foundation crumbling, plumbing, NEW drainage system obviously and…. fix the hole in the celling LOL!!!

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