Q and A Payback

Theme, theme, themes, themes abound.  Well, there is really only one theme this week.  And, it’s a pretty obvious one.  It’s so obvious, in fact, that I’m just going to come right out and say it:

Someone once told me, “It’s only the greatest movie ever made,” and while they were partially serious, they were also partially joking… because he says that about every good movie.  You know who you are.

What are we talking about?

The 1999 “classic:” Payback

(See, I told you it was obvious.)

(All previous Q and A as it relates to the kingdom, life, the universe, and everything can be found here.)

Onward?  Yes, let’s do that:

Over the course of human events, er, um, well the ones I’ve been around for anyway, I’ve incorporated a small amount of worthy movie dialogue into my day-to-day lingo.  Let’s see what I’ve learned and used from “Payback.”

Oh!  And some of these may not be suitable for small children, the elderly, and anyone who gets offended easily.  You’ve been warned.

Q: What should you tell someone after you’ve asked them to do something and you are trying to convince them it is the right thing to do?
A: “I promise you won’t have to find out what your left ball tastes like.”
– Bronson (Kris Kristofferson)

Q: What should you tell someone right before you are about to blow them up?
A: “You were right not to trust me.”
– Porter (Mel Gibson)

Q: What should you tell someone who is wronging you in some fashion?
A: “No, no, it’s all right, he’s just killing my alligator bags and shooting holes in my suits. Man, that’s just MEAN. That’s MEAN, man.”
– Fairfax (James Coburn)

Q: What should you say when you are trying to track down answers, and need to get to the one person who has them?  (I use this when calling to complain about my cable bill.)
A: “One man… you go high enough you always come to one man… who?”
– Porter (Mel Gibson)

Q: What should you tell a friend who is down in the dumps?
A: “Don’t let the bastards get ya’ down.”
– Stegman (David Paymer)

Q: What should you say to some fool in your life who likes to go around flexing their muscles?
A: “I think you are the strongest man I have ever met. But I wonder if it’s enough.”
– Rosie (Maria Bello)

Q: What should you say to someone who is being an absolute idiot?
A: “There’s an old expression that’s served me well: “Do not shit where you eat.””
– Carter (William Devane)

Q: What should you say when someone is complaining about losing something in their life?  (This is guaranteed* to make them feel better.)
A: “$70,000? Hell, my suits are worth more than that!”
– Fairfax (James Coburn)

(*Nothing is actually guaranteed.)

Q: What should you say to the most stubborn person you know when they are about to do something ridiculous?
A: “I think all those stories about you being dead are true. You’re just too thick-headed to admit it.”
– Rosie (Maria Bello)

Q: What should you say to someone who is tongue-tied?
A: “Cat got your crotch. Hmmm?”
– Porter (Mel Gibson)


Ah, another classic.  Not quite the Redford and Newman classics, but they can’t all be, can they.  Statement, not a question.  Here there be gun battles, car chases, sarcasm, a few deaths and everything you need to have a perfect action adventure, including a few monsters.  Thanks for playing along.

5 thoughts on “Q and A Payback

    • Even if there is supposed to be a committee, or majority rule, or blah, blah, blah… there is always one person that everyone else defers to, one person who really holds sway… When you want to get something done, that’s the person you need to talk to.

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