Help Wanted – again

So, it has come to my attention (read: I just looked at the calendar and freaked out) that the powers at be here in the kingdom will be disappearing for another week.  And that’s happening very soon.

To help keep things hopping around here we are looking for a few volunteers to provide some guest posts in our absence.

Any takers?  Anyone?  Buehler?

Oh, you want to know more details before you commit to something.  Fine.  Whatever.

I was thinking that since our disappearance involves planes and cars and lighthouses and hopefully our first blogger meetup (we are hoping to hang out with this guy, much like she did – Maine’s a small state, right?  That shouldn’t be a problem, right?), and all kinds of other traveling shennagins with our five month old son… perhaps it would be fun to have “traveling” as sort of a mini theme for the guest posts:  What’s your best travel memory?  Your worst?  Where would you go if you could?  What’s one place you have no interest in going?  Etc…

Or, you could write about whatever you want.  A limerick about lost Legos left languishing and luminously leering like lovers longing to reunite?  A small essay on what silliness means to you?  That one time at band camp?  Whatever.  You.  Want!

And here’s the catch!  (You know that was coming, yes?)  I need these by the end of next week!!  I know that isn’t giving you much time, but you are all amazingly awesomely epically talented and creative and … and … and …  Have I buttered you up enough?  Are you going to send me something?

Send me your thoughts, comments, questions, completed posts, works in progress, money, poems, money, travel tips, and whatever else you want to:

Thank you!


49 thoughts on “Help Wanted – again

  1. Hey, I’ve got a travel thing already worked up about when my family and I traveled across the country two years ago. Just need to clean it up a bit, and I can help you out if you still need someone.

  2. Hope you enjoy your east coast trip. You are lucky to be missing the lovely humidity that is the Mid-Atlantic summer season.

    I’ve got nothing on post ideas right now, but I am always willing to try to help if you still need someone.

    • I’ll let you know. So far it seems like I’ve gotten plenty of volunteers so the days should be covered – it’s just one week this time instead of a month plus.
      I keep hearing all this stuff about “humidity” and I want to experience it. Then again, that may be what I had to contend with last April in Cancun, right? That was “fun.”

      • What about Cancun? I’m going there next month! Any tips?
        I have a couple travel posts from over a year ago that you can re-post if needed. Just let me know 😉

      • Tips for cancun? Wear lots of sunscreen, and make sure you stay hydrated, and don’t forget to reapply sunscreen to the parts of your face where drinking liquids might wash it off – ouch, I burned my top lip in the pefect shape of a beer bottle – I wonder how that happened. And if you are up for a side trip, I thought Tulum was very cool.

  3. Would love to rise up to the challenge, DJ. But I’ve been buried deep with work and deadlines for the last three months. On top of this, I’ve been traveling a lot so my email access has been spotty. :-((

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