all hope of sleep dies

I was up before the sun and on my way,
Driving in my truck, I came up a hill and over the rise,
Where night transformed to day,
And the sun exploded in my eyes,
The light cast aside the evil play,
The lingering dreams and all their lies.
Just like the moment in the middle of the fray,
Tossing and turning, and all hope of sleep dies,
I laid awake wondering who I needed to pay,
And how much sleep all of my savings buys,
But push those thoughts aside I must, I may,
For day is here, work and chores, and all it implies.
So for now I’ll hope for sleep tonight to come my way,
And perhaps tomorrow I’ll be happier upon the sun’s rise.


9 thoughts on “all hope of sleep dies

      • Good! We need more.Maybe the fools will come back to it.It is my favorite kind to write; I fell like I constructed something.There is so much more ‘art’ to it, don’t you think?Anyone can ramble.

      • While I will agree that everyone can ramble, there are some who can ramble poetically – where each word rings true and the work as a whole is a piece of art. I am not one of those, so, I have to fall back upon the structure of cadence and rhyme schemes to tell my stories.

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