Today I feel like a father,
Or perhaps a bit of fodder,
Fuel for the flames of life,
Though not from any strife.

Today I feel like a parent,
The why should be apparent,
Yes those circles are dark,
Under my eyes, that’s no lark.

Today I definitely feel like a dad,
And that is really not so bad,
As I learn to function on less sleep,
As I haul myself from the dreamy deep.

Today I feel like a true pop,
From my very tip-top,
Down to my low, low, toes,
That’s just the way it goes.

Today I feel like I am a pa,
As I’ve rubbed my eyes raw,
Up, and out, and off to work,
Hoping I don’t turn into a jerk.

Today I feel like a daddy,
As I knew it would have to be,
When the little one is up all night,
And I rock him until first light.

Today I feel like a father,
If you need me, don’t bother,
For tonight I’ll be sleeping,
Holding my son in my arms,
Making sure that he comes to no harm,
On the couch you’ll find us napping,
Our dream time we will be keeping,
And we won’t hear your blather.


19 thoughts on “today

    • Will try to tonight. Fingers crossed. Apparently he only took two twenty minutes all day… So… perhaps he’ll zonk out for a good 12 hours or so tonight. I can hope. The queen can hope too.

    • Hahaha… I was sooooo tired! It wasn’t actually all night… but it was pretty close. I think I got 2 1/2 hours when I first went to bed, and then that was it.

      • That’s about what I got Monday… 11:30 pm Sunday to 2:15 Monday am… And then everything was amiss!
        Sweet dreams became a water nightmare. I hope your prince NEVER does anything even close to this.
        Hang in there… You will get sleep in 20 years 🙂 LOL!

      • 20 years? No way. I’ll be sending him off to scout camp and stuff in the summer long before then. So, I’ll get at least a good week or two every once in awhile.

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