it had to be done

 photo dresden_zpsf84aaa00.jpg

Carl peered through his tiny window and sneered.

The rest of the city slept peacefully under a blanket of soft new-fallen snow, all nestled up in their beds with thoughts of sugar plums and flying reindeer.  They were content to live the lie, blissful in their feigned ignorance of the truth.  Happy to play along with the festivities despite the absurdity of it all.  Carl suffered from no such delusions.

“Who ever heard of Christmas in July,” he snorted and then turned away from the view.

He longed for sun, long stretches of white beaches, and, most of all, warmth.  That’s what July is supposed to have.  Shivering as the chill crept in through the window and from under his door, Carl tried to forget about the snow and the tree and silliness that it represented, but the glow coming from the star at the top of the towering pine fed straight into his living room.

When he couldn’t take the absurdity of it any longer, he went to his storage closet, donned his work boots, heavy winter coat, and an axe.  He took the stairs down the five stories to the street, trudged through the growing layers of snow, and then set to work.  Chop.  Chop.  Chop.

Later, when the cops arrested him for destruction of property and public endangerment, Carl just kept shouting over and over, “It’s July!”  The echoes of his screams floated down the quiet streets as the police cars took him away.  They didn’t disturb any of the sleeping masses, contentedly snuggled in their beds hoping that Santa would soon be there even though it was July.


Moi is back with another picture writing prompt this week.  What do you see when you look at the picture?  Type it up and link back to his post so we can all read your take on it too.


7 thoughts on “it had to be done

  1. Haha, I like this, I can imagine Carl flailing his arms as they try to take him away… I do wonder why a xmas tree was up in July though even if the weather was very poor for that month.

    • Have you heard of Christmas in July before? Sometimes stores and stuff around here will put on sales and things in July (trying to bolster foot traffic and sales) and they’ll call it Christmas in July – some even play the music and put up the decorations just to be silly. I was imagining a whole town coming together to feed into that and make it more than just a sales gimmick.

      • Wow, no never heard of that, I know the goods come out way before the event but not the physical things like trees and decorations.

      • Yeah, sometimes they bring it all out in July, and then put it away again until… well, it’s getting earlier and earlier every year. One of these years they may just leave it all up after they bring it out in July…

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