that’s the signpost up ahead

Welcome to the Matticus Kingdom.

(You can’t blame me for a shout out to The Twilight Zone, can you?)

(You can?)

(Dang.  Oh well.)

Since I was Freshly Pressed last Thursday, thanks to a prompt provided by moi, things have been pretty exciting around here.  A whole slew of new followers.  Lots of good comments, plus one of my posts, other than my ridiculously silly About page, finally has eclipsed the awesomeness that was Rara’s guest post for views and likes.  I’m not sure that “potential” can hold a candle to “true love,” but perhaps that’s all a matter of perspective, or rather a decision to be made from one moment to the next.

Anyway, to all the new bloggers who have stumbled into the Matticus Kingdom in the last couple days, welcome.  I hope you find a reason or two to stick around for awhile.  And, I’ll do my best to check out your sections of the blogosphere too… it may just take a few days.  I apologize for my tardiness.

In the meantime, thank you for the view, likes, comments, and follows!

And, welcome to the Matticus Kingdom.


19 thoughts on “that’s the signpost up ahead

    • Woohooo! The funny thing was/is, I post so many things some weeks that I already had 3 new posts online before the FP came through, so I think lots of my faithful readers (the kingdom regulars 😉 ) probably missed it.

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