Matticus goes walkabout

Hey all,

I stopped by She Said What? today to talk about the random places I’ve lived during my life, kind of, sort of… well, you should just head on over and check it.  And make sure you click on the Follow button while you are over there.  Steph is a special kind of awesomesauce and you won’t regret having her creative madness bombarding you.

Warning – my post has … um… foul language… and some less than G rated references.  It is not suitable for all audiences.  I’m not sure it’s suitable for any audiences.

Ugh… let me tell you, it’s one heck of plane flight down there and back.  Plus the days changed on me twice and now I have no idea what time it is or what day it is or where I am…

Australia is really, really hard to get to and back from in one day.  You might even say it is impossible.

Anyway, enough of that silliness… go check out my other silliness:

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