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It had been a hot afternoon, a scorcher, and having needed to get across town without cab fare, they had jumped on their bikes and pedaled through the heat.  The city seemed to stand still around them as everyone took refuge from the unforgiving sun.  They flew past ancient buildings and over stone bridges.  They skirted tourist traps and used hidden roads and back alleys.  And, barely, they arrived at their destination on time.  They locked their bikes up and ran in to keep their appointment.

Afterwards, flushed and still sweating from their earlier bike ride, they look out at the cool river water and thought it was rather inviting.  “Well, why not,” they said as they stripped to their undergarments and dove in.  If nothing else they hoped the water would rinse the sweat from their brows before they began the arduous task of biking home.  The water was colder than expected, and much swifter than it looked.  Jumping in had been, of course, a mistake.  With everyone else indoors evading the hot day there was no one on the street to hear their cries for help.

It wasn’t until some time later their locked bikes were found and questioned and a search party was formed.  By then, it was far too late.


This is another picture writing prompt provided by moi.  What do you see?  What would you write about?  Do it and link back to his post so we can all enjoy it too.


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