The Matticus Kingdom is a Coca-Cola Classic zone.

We offer other drinks (water, 100% fruit juices (Orange, Cranberry, Apple), assorted beers, teas, coffees, milk (2%), Grey Goose, Glen Fiddich, assorted rums), but when we have the urge to reach for a soda there is only one we recognize.

We might call it soda, or pop, or coke.  We might mix it with something else, drink it with ice in a glass, or down it straight out of the can.  We might crave it for the bubbles, the caffeine, the taste.  But, what we reach for is always the same.

We don’t drink soda all that often anymore in the Kingdom.  Apparently they aren’t all that healthy for you.  (Has anyone else done the penny in glass of coke experiment?  It’s disturbing, and a wonder we have teeth left at all.)  Occasionally though it’s nice to splurge on something even when we know we shouldn’t.  And that’s when we reach for the only pop we recognize: Coca-Cola.

What brand do you have taking up space in your fridge?

Careful how you answer, knowing what the Kingdom prefers…


This tribute/devotional/bit of silliness about our love for Coke was prompt to you by Queen Creative’s latest Prompts for the Promptless:


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A brand is the name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one person’s product as distinct from that of other people.

More on Wiki:

Suggested Prompts:

  • Tell us about your favorite, or least favorite, brand
  • Describe an established brand. See if we can guess it.
  • Do you brand yourself? What are the details of your branding?
  • Offer some tips on building a brand
  • … or make up your own related prompt!


Did anyone else see what I did there?  Huh?  Huh?  That’s right!  My post had two brand call outs.  That’s how I do what I do.

81 thoughts on “Classic

  1. Diet coke, diet ginger ale (seagrams or canada dry), sprite zero, diet orange (sunkist or fanta), 1 – 2 liters per day.
    And two cups of coffee (32 oz).

    I can quit anytime I like.

    • Of course, of course. I would have never thought otherwise. However, if you are going to go the ginger ale route, we here in the kingdom recommend Vernor’s.
      What is this “diet” coke of which you speak?

      • Insulin dependent diabetic.
        Funny, I’ve been drinking only diet for so long that on those rare occasions when I have regular (if my blood sugar dives), it tastes like syrupy sludge that I can feel coating my teeth.

      • Rude! Luckily we have the power of the internet now, and I don’t think there are laws against shipping ginger ale across state lines…

      • How silly of me to forget to make the stuff / stuph distinction. In my defense… no, actually, there is no suitable excuse for that lapse in judgement.
        Did you hear that Le Clown has been, um, “detained” in Maine? I was thinking there might be a way to get him out your direction, and then perhaps smuggle him out to CA… If you’re up for the challenge… 😉

      • I’m not expecting him as a visitor… I just figured, he was already “detained” it might be easier to … you know… get him to show up other random places…

  2. Soft drinks wise generally diet coke, sometime pepsi we aint fussy in this households, sometimes a nice bottle of Chablis or Mersault is chilling in the rack, Beer wise generally Cobra.

    • Here’s how we read your comment: Blah, Our internal apology to the kingdom for being foolish, but blah, blah, blah, blah SNICKERS blah blah blah, SNICKERS!!
      Mmmm, Snickers. We agree, Snickers are awesome.

  3. Water, dude. My life is water. Unless I’m living full-time at home, then it’s suddenly water and soja milk and tea and coffee. But when I’m half-time living on my own, I carry a 1l bottle of water everywhere. It’s my dearest friend.

    I barely drink cola and stuff. It’s kinda sticky you know? It makes me want to brush my teeth directly after drinking. But of course that’s really bad as well.

  4. Well, technically, I was supposed to have soda up by now. But let’s say if I hadn’t actually given up soda, my fridge would be stocked with Diet Pepsi (bottle, not can). If someone has a stomachache, then we buy regular Coke (bottle is OK, but fountain is best).

    Diet Coke or regular Pepsi=yuck.

    • That first line should be “have given up soda by now” .

      See, I still need caffeine in my life, so my occasional Diet Pepsi relapses are warranted.

    • I completely agree about the yuck… and I have to admit that I have heard that diet that other drink isn’t too bad. I haven’t personally tasted it though so I can’t be trusted as a source on that.

  5. We drink pop in my house … mom was from Erie, and in that part of the world you’ll get dirty looks, evidently, for saying you drink soda. (At least when she was growing up, anyway.) As mom always told us when we were growing up, “soda has ICE CREAM. Pop doesn’t.” So, having been brought up that way, hearing someone ask for a soda makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. My hubby says “soda”. I am training my son to say “pop”, just to be obstinate.

    I won’t tell you what kind of pop I prefer. 😉

  6. Water, water, water! That’s pretty much all I drink. And coffee in the morning. Wine with dinner when we’re out. But I accompany them with water, water, water!

  7. Yay, team Coke! 😀 What I call it depends on my mood, but since (in my case) its always a Coke, I usually can just say Coke. Where I grew up in Texas it was soda or soda water… and when I moved to WA State, it became pop, and now it’s California so most people tend to be brand specific. But Coca Cola (and even that other company) do an amazing job of branding! 🙂

    • Other than The Matticus Kingdom brand, Coke was the first thing that came to mind. They have such a huge presence on TV… not just with their commercials, but with all the product placement too. Plus, it’s delicious, so… it seemed the obvious choice to write about. 😉

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