Fireworks in the sky glaring, the music blaring, the dogs grilling, cigars for smoking, and the beers freely flowing are nice.  But it’s the flag waving that truly means we are still free.


This 33 word patriotic piece was written in response to today’s Trifextra “free-write.”

You see what I did there?  A free-write about being free.  Nice.

32 thoughts on “free

  1. this is just perfect for this weekend (For any weekend!)
    Such a honest and true way to love on Old Glory.

    • There is just something about seeing the flag waving in the wind… it pulls at me… and I picture in my mind the words of the song, the rockets, the bombs, “that our flag is still there.”

      • you’re so right, that patriotic part of us that reacts to that wave is something I don’t take for granted.
        You wrote it well…in the space between all the other things that make us “AMERICANS” is the flag .

      • I loved the “flag” tributes that started after 9/11 – everyone coming together and putting their flags out, attaching them to their cars, having it show up everywhere… I proudly got a flag sticker that I put on my truck… it’s still there, and I smile every time I see it walking up to it.

      • a little reminder doesn’t hurt any of us..sometimes it’s the best thing we can do for ourselves, each other and our beautiful FREE country.

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