The firsts of a 3 month old

Last week the queen and I, along with a supporting cast from the kingdom, took the little prince on his first camping trip.  It was a lot of work, and the heat wave at the end of the week was miserable, but it was a blast!  He did great.  The queen did great.  And maybe, just maybe, we have started turning our little prince into another camper.

And, while we were out there, he hit a few more milestones than were expected…

Your first trip into the mountains already happened,
Crazy us, we took you too Mammoth last month,
But, now you’ve been to The River, our family tradition.

What’s that booming sound from the sky?
Why that’s your first thunder storm rolling down the canyon,
We couldn’t have planned that better if we’d tried.

And those accompanying ice pellets that came in with the clouds?
That’s your first hail, what a treat, what a joy,
From the expression on your face we could tell that you were wowed.

Then the hail warmed, melted, and liquified,
Giving you your first rain, quite the eventful day for one so young,
And that storm just kept on rumbling right on by.

That should have been enough for one trip,
The River, the tradition, the thunder, hail, and rain,
But, you weren’t done quite yet, you had one more trick.

Before we left you showed us with your smile,
Your first teeth, white, sharp, hard, and there clear as day,
Making all that drooling definitely worthwhile.

You caught us by surprise, though we had suspected you might be teething,
It seemed so early for those two munchers to actually appear,
But with all the other firsts going on, why not, it was surely fitting.

Three months old and you’ve already grown so much, seen so much, done so much…  What will you have done by the time you are six months old?

I can’t wait to find out.

23 thoughts on “The firsts of a 3 month old

    • I know! We were completely shocked. Based on the amount of drool pouring (yes, pouring) out of his mouth and him constantly shoving everything in there he could to nom, nom, nom, we suspected that teeth wouldn’t be too far away, but couldn’t believe they had already shown up.

  1. Amazing how the tooth fairy can visit when and where you least expect her, an exciting beginning of the process. one day she’ll back back to reclaim those little teeth and replace them with big ones. Enjoy every moment )

    • Could be. We are fairly certain he is going to skip right over the whole crawling thing since he already likes to stand up, can push himself up with his legs, and can stand up without assistance (other than stabilizing hands to keep him from teetering too far in one direction).

    • I keep hearing that… and, considering how quickly the first 3 months have gone it is completley believable. One of the grandparents said today, “He’ll be asking for the car keys tomorrow.” *shudder*

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