Happy Monday, one and all.

The jester, and his family, are on vacation this week.

After taking the little prince to Mammoth Mountain over a long weekend when he turned two months old, they decided that a week in the mountains when he turns 3 months old is the logical next step.  And for five months old we already have plane tickets booked to fly to Maine…

Yes, we might be crazy.

Anyway, I’ve got a week’s worth of posts scheduled, so you can still pay the kingdom a visit in the absence of the Jester and see what silliness is going on if you are so inclined.  We are starting off with a poem, a tribute, to the mountains I love:

When I was lost and alone, unsure of who I was,
You were there to comfort me and help me on my path,
The mountains held me up, and the river flowed as it always does,
Washing away the turmoil of my internal wrath.

When I was lost and alone, filled with pain and dread,
You were there to remind me of what truly matters in this life,
The fresh air soothed my soul and cleared the darkness from my head,
Calming away all my thoughts of strife.

When I was lost and alone, spiraling into depression,
You were there to help stand me up on sold ground again,
The deep rooted trees towering into the heavens made quite the impression,
Helping me to find my personal zen.

Now every year I return to you, our family camping spot,
To take in the mountains, river, trees and memories from years past,
And you are always there to remind me that no matter what the year has brought,
Only the good things will always last.


22 thoughts on “vacation

  1. Have a brilliant time, I am sure that you queen and your prince and of course yourself will have lots of adventures. 🙂 Do not forget to schedule my Thursday fix of Brig!!

    • Would never leave you hanging like that. Of course I had that scheduled for you. 😀 Adventures abound… and the little prince got to experience his first thunder, rain, and hail, while out on his first camping adventure.

    • You’ll have to tell me all about it (meaning: I’ll have to read all about it on the posts I’m sure you’ll do on it) so that I know the must sees and must dos before we head that direction.

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